Designing Tips to Create Successful Infographic

Designing Tips to Create Successful Infographic


Infographics have become very popular over the past several years. In fact, most site visitors are expecting to see some form of infographic. But the question is, what guidelines are in place to produce the most appropriate infographic for your website? Below are some designing tips that you can use to create successful infographics.


Design With Your Target Audience in Mind

It’s not enough to design an infographic, have it placed on your website and expect it to be effective. Your infographic must be designed and implemented with a plan in mind, particularly, one that attracts the attention of your target audience. It should be specific and relevant to their needs.

Keeping in mind that, even though your website is available for the World Wide Web, your infographics should be designed to be much more specific and targeted at your desired audience.

Creating Simplistic, Laser Focused Designs

Keeping your infographic simplistic makes it easier for your target audience to follow along. It should be laser focused and progressive where users can easily follow the next logical step. Making infographics too complex is often overwhelming for many people. Most tend to shy away from infographics that are difficult to follow.

Using the Right Mixture of Graphics and Written Content

A good well-designed info graphic needs to have the perfect balance of graphics and written content. If there happens to be more than one or the other it’s OK to lean more on the graphic side than the written content. Considering that it’s the graphics that simplifies the intended message in the first place.

Monitor the Size-ability and Readability of your Design

Many designers make the mistake of using a mixture of large and small fonts and base the size of each font on the actual size of the info graphic that is being designed. However, final versions of infographics often need to be downsized to fit in the proper place on the web page.

Designing the infographic using the actual size of the final product (or close to it) will allow you to have a better judgment of how the fonts will look in the final version.

Use Captivating Headlines

Creating a well-designed infographic is important. However, creating a headline that captivates your audience’s attention is also important.

Sources, Stats, and Facts

Be sure to cite any sources that you may use on your infographic and use accurate statistical information and accurate facts. This way your infographics will be trusted for not only its design, but also for its accurate content as well.

Promoting Your Infographic

You’ve taken the time to develop a well-designed infographic, now it’s time to promote it. Infographics do not automatically promote themselves or appear on social media platforms, they need to be promoted and shared by using social plug-ins.

Infographics have been around for a while and appeared to be a great way to quickly share your message in a succinct and graphical manner. It’s both captivating and engaging for your audience.

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