Different Ways to Improve Your Downloads for iPhone Apps

Different Ways to Improve Your Downloads for iPhone Apps


No one develops an iPhone app without planning and hoping for massive downloads. After all, after the big build and launch of your app, the best reward is massive downloads, right? Fundamentally, downloads are the first step to the success of an iPhone app. However, although every app developer desires this outcome, few know how to achieve this. Luckily, a basic understanding of the iPhone app marketing strategies available to increase downloads is generally enough to help an app move from obscure to recognized, thus increasing downloads.


Understanding App Store Optimization

App store optimization, or ASO, works similar to search engine optimization (SEO), however, it is far more important to the success of your iPhone app because ASO determines how visible your app will be to users. Understanding how Apple app stores work will help you comprehend the steps necessary to increase the visibility needed to increase the number of downloads that your app generates. An app that is optimally optimized will rank high enough to be visible to users when they conduct a search. However, there are many factors to consider that can either positively or negatively affect ASO rankings. It’s a good idea to become familiar with them;

Positive Reviews

  • Consistent and Increases Downloads
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Revenue Generation
  • Regional Popularity
  • Relevant Backlinks
  • Social Media Popularity
  • The Number of Times an App is Launched
  • User Retention
  • The Mechanics of ASO

Understanding the fundamental role that each piece of the ASO puzzle plays is essential if you hope to increase ranking, visibility, and ultimately downloads. One of the many pieces of the puzzle are positive reviews. The more positive reviews you receive the higher your app is ranked. Additionally, apps with more relevant and popular keywords in the description and title tend to have more downloads. Furthermore, apps that generate consistent revenue are more visible in the itunes which can also result in more downloads. Additionally, backlinks can be very supportive to your apps by improving your ranking which is why backlinks to relevant pages should be included in your app’s description. Every piece of this puzzle has the ability to impact the number of downloads your app may receive which is why it’s important not to overlook the importance of social media popularity in terms of shares because this is a factor that affects your app’s ranking as well. Keep in mind that the more your app is launched and kept positively affects your rankings. All these areas combine and have an impact on ranking, which in turn affects how visible your app is to potential users. The more visible your app is, the greater the chance that it will be downloaded.

App Icons, Photos, and Videos Plus Marketing & The Press

Your app icon is the first thing that potential users will see in the Apple app store. Make it count. Make sure that your icon selection is both an eye-catching and relevant design. It should be straightforward, simple, and clear, making it easy for the app design to be quickly connected to your app. The same approach should be followed when it comes to the pictures and videos associated with your app. Make sure that they capture the most important features of your app and this alone will encourage downloads. The idea is to appeal to as many relevant users as possible. Go a step further and have your title and description translated into as many different languages as possible and send out press releases to get as many reviews and write-ups on your app as possible. The more positive exposure you can bring to your app the better. Utilize your allotted marketing funds to do as much as possible in the shortest period of time. These types of efforts create positive exposure for your app results in more downloads.

Every developer hopes for the success of their app in terms of exposure, revenue, and massive downloads. This is why a fundamental understanding of the inner workings of how Apple app stores work and rank apps is extremely important. The more strategies you use to boost the exposure and visibility of your app the more you will do to increase downloads.

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