15+ Cost Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Hi-Tech Wearables

15+ Cost Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Hi-Tech Wearables


Digital marketing strategies should always be dictated by the industry they’re intended for. Very specific niches like wearables cater to an exact need & hi-tech wearables marketing need some tackle, effective strategies. How can marketers convince customers to see the value of smart wearables like the SmartWatch and Alexa then?

If you thought that it’s going to be hard looking for strategies that work, the list we compiled below proves otherwise. They’re taken directly from our experience with campaigns as a digital marketing company and advice from a handful of expert marketers. Without further ado, here they are as follows.

Digital Marketing Strategies that Work for Hi-Tech Products like Alexa and Smart Watch

1. Dive Deep into the Market First

As in any kind of digital marketing campaign, you should be willing to conduct thorough research so you can come up with a sound strategy.

  • What does the wearables market look like at present?
  • Who will you be competing with?
  • Which demographics are best to target?

All of these questions take going over statistics and conducting data analytics, if it’s an available option to you from the start, to answer. It’s a given that the market is still continually expanding.

You have to go into the specifics of why it’s growing to know your users ’ purchasing behavior and set up a solid foundation for your campaigns.

2. Target Only a Single Buyer Persona

Almost every business or niche has an ideal customer. Who are the typical users of wearables and for what purpose are they wearing them? Answering this question should already prove to be a big step toward achieving that.

The importance of focusing on one buyer persona stems from the fact that it would be easier for you to understand your audience in the process. If you end up spreading yourself too thin because you’re targeting more than one, it could be hard to create, much less, maintain that connection.

user persona

3. Write a Mock Press Release

This is one amazing way of making your mark in your niche. By writing a mock press release, you not only set your company up as a serious presence in your industry but affords you a good opportunity to promote your product, too.

  • What novel ideas related to wearables do you have that are worth sharing with the industry?
  • How innovative is your hi-tech device?
  • What immediate problems can it solve?
  • What are its standout benefits?

These questions readily affirm the need to make your press release as compelling and attention-grabbing as possible.

press release

4. Seek Out Influencers for Reviews

Influencers always have and will be effective in promoting products to their followers. It’s not so much about actively promoting your wearables on their platforms as well. Rather, you can also ask them for their feedback about it, assuming you’re willing to give them a free sample of your product.

A high-value influencer’s word is well worth its weight in gold in your industry, considering the competition.

influencer marketing

5. Launch Social Media Teasers and Countdowns

Wearables users more than likely use social media platforms as well. Facebook alone allows you to easily add custom countdown timer clocks for any kind of event. Keep your audience engaged with teasers. For example, you can gradually unveil the features of each device.

count down timer

6. Develop Engaging Creative Assets

Creativity adds that much-needed spice to any kind of promotional activity. It doesn’t have to be a triple-A asset every time. Think of any image, video, or other applicable media where you can promote your product in a more engaging way.

7. Interact with and Build Relationships with Online Communities

Online communities that share a mutual interest in wearables are the most ideal, obviously. If you’re finding it hard to look for one, you can always opt to look for them in social media groups or forums. They don’t necessarily have to focus on hi-tech devices.

Any community that shares an interest in anything tech-related can be a potential target. Once you find them, be sure to slowly build your reputation and relationships with other users first before doing any kind of direct promotion.


8. Invite Influencers to Your Product Launch Event

Another efficient way to make the most out of the support offered by influencers is by inviting them to your product’s launch. It’s an obvious show of faith on your chosen influencer and only serves to deepen the bond you have with them.

Any influencer that agrees to this readily almost affirms their belief in your product, and their followers will most certainly create that much-needed buzz before and during the launch.

9. Go Live Regularly on Facebook and Instagram

Going live on any of these social media platforms, assuming you already have a sizable number of followers, will always be a good way to interact with them. Answer their questions regarding your product. Get to know them better and tease them with future events. The sky’s the limit.

updates on social media

10. Accept Pre-Orders

Pre-orders give you a good picture of how much demand there is for your device. It may not be entirely clear yet, but you’ll get an inkling, at least, so you can decide on your next steps from there.

Pre-orders also lend themselves to increasing sales and to your Search Engine Optimization campaigns, assuming you’ve already begun them.

digital marketing agency

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11. Give Exclusive Discounts and Offers to Your Followers

This is a classic technique in hi-tech wearables marketing that incentivizes your followers for helping you increase your audience base. Who doesn’t like getting exclusive discounts? Keep the number small but with substantial bonuses. Focusing on your followers also builds up their loyalty.

12. Create a Funny Explainer Video

There’s no harm in adding a touch of humor when promoting any product. It’s even engaging and memorable if done with wit and finesse. Keep the video as lighthearted as possible. All the better if you know what tickles your target audience’s funny bones.

video marketing

13. Share Your Story on Leading News Outlets

Promoting your product in leading news media still falls under the digital marketing umbrella, considering most of it is already digital. The biggest news outlets provide the most clout so it’s best to aim for the most influential platforms from the get-go. Anything with a wide viewership should do.

14. Keep Your Audience Updated Through Email

Consider this as another sidetrack that you can take to further your email marketing campaigns. You don’t have to be overly promotional in your emails for hi-tech wearables marketing. Just bring up to speed about what’s going lately regarding your product, any relevant events they can attend, and anything mostly informational in nature.

15. Start a Hashtag Campaign

Create more buzz on social media for your product with a hashtag campaign. Almost any kind of promotional principle, be it brand awareness, aggregate information, and promoting products, events, etc. can be done in a hashtag campaign.

Much like any campaign, you have to pay attention to essential metrics to track its performance. How is your audience responding to the hashtags you’re using? Adjust accordingly once you analyze them.

hashtags marketing

16. Share Behind-the-Scenes Teasers

There’s a very limited number of ways for you to establish deep, personal connections with your audience. This is one of them & it is best strategy for hi-tech wearables marketing. It’s basically a doorway to the human side of your company and yourself so don’t underestimate it.

17. Partner with Another Brand for a Bigger, Better Giveaway

Co-branded giveaways are all the rage because they’ve brought about overwhelming success for many fledgling brands. Finding the right brand to collaborate with is no different from finding the right influencer. They’ve got to believe in your message, story, and product.

Of course, you also need to be mindful of how many followers they have and whether their clients will find your wearables interesting, too.

18. Ask Questions to Engage and Understand Your Audience

Don’t let them do all the asking by themselves. Being active in asking them radiates your desire to get to know them better. In the hi-tech wearables marketing process, you’ll not only keep them engaged but understand better, too. Whether it’s through a forum, polls, social media posts, or live streams, send questions their way, as much as they’re sending them to you.

19. Set Your Product Promotion Ad Campaigns

Last but not least is, of course, doing the step that will directly aid in increasing your product’s sales and brand awareness. This is admittedly a broad-spectrum step that involves using multiple communication mediums for promotion.

Getting everything set up entails finalizing the mediums that you will be promoting in as well as your marketing budget for your wearables and plans of action going forward.


This list proves that there are more than a handful of strategy options for marketers of hi-tech devices like wearables. Don’t hesitate to expand on them further. In fact, we highly suggest you exercise your imagination and creativity when implementing these strategies and coming up with your own.

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