Dot Com Infoway Launches Custom Packages for Mobile App Marketing

Dot Com Infoway Launches Custom Packages for Mobile App Marketing


One of the primary characteristics that has defined our experience with clients in the past few years is the fact that every client’s requirements are decidedly diverse from each other. With an aim to help our clients gain a firm foothold in a market that is continuously evolving and growing, we have launched brand-new custom packages for our Mobile App Marketing services.

From App Store Optimization and pre-launch Buzz to creating an app display site to promote your brand and app, our Mobile App Service covers it all. Our packages consist of the essential services that will broaden your app the visibility and reach within the app ecosphere.

Here’s a brief outline of the packages we offer:

ASO: App Store Optimization services to help your app stand out among the ever-growing numbers in the App Stores.

Pre Launch: Designed to generate pre-launch buzz to promote your app to your targeted audience and make sure everything is in place before the app goes Live.

Burst Campaigns (for Free Apps): Package to boost your app’s rankings with guaranteed downloads using customized strategies including e-mail marketing, mobile app reviews and social media outreach.

App Review Websites: Get your app featured on spaces outside the app store, such as popular and influential review sites.

App Store Reviews: Gain genuine app reviews from verified downloads to increase you credibility and, thereby, your rankings.

PR Campaign: Comprehensive professionally written press-releases, which will be distributed to various media outlets to increase awareness and visibility of your app.

Blogger Outreach: Package to leverage the influence and power behind popular blogs to get your app noticed and boost your traffic.

App Preview Video: Professionally designed app preview videos to promote and communicate your app’s value, and increase your customer reach.

App Screenshot and Icon: We provide designs for a unique app icon that conveys your app’s purpose and your brand’s vision.

App Display Site Design: Service to develop and create a creative and compelling website design to promote your app.

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