Dot Com Infoway’s International Footprint Grows with Offices in Indonesia & Thailand

Dot Com Infoway’s International Footprint Grows with Offices in Indonesia & Thailand


It’s a brave, bold, and brand-new chapter for IT services leader Dot Com Infoway, as the digital marketing & app development giant stretched its corporate footprint across Southern Asia. The company has now officially launched offices in Thailand and Indonesia intending to further strengthen its hold over these markets. After years of soaring atop India’s IT scene, DCI has set out on a new challenge beyond its borders as it looked to expand its presence across the continental region. The move comes after much deliberation across the company hierarchy, with a consensus that the time was ripe for the picking. 

DCI offices in indonesia & Thailand

Reasons for the launch

With the cumulative market value of the IT services markets in Indonesia and Thailand totaling upwards of $9.6 billion, and experiencing tremendous CAGRs of at least 13% each, the move to launch these new branches makes excellent financial sense. 

The markets across both markets are exhibiting new life, with growth fueled by factors such as: 

  • Favorable new government policies
  • Rapid technological growth 
  • Robust digital transformation 
  • Increased demand for IT services & digital marketing in the region

But it’s not just the lure of the market that has sent the mobile app marketing heavyweight knocking on the door of two very promising nations. The move was also occasioned to add more skilled and diverse talent to the team as the company keeps on taking new clients from across the region and around the world. With close to 6 in 10 students moving away from their city after graduation, these new office locations are an endeavor to tap highly acclaimed talent pools right at the source. 

The new offices will also enable Dot Com Infoway to scale up its operations and provide a higher quality of service to its customers. Despite averaging a customer satisfaction score of 92%, the company aims to do even better and these new locations are viewed as critical for attaining more positive outcomes for customers. 

5 and Counting for Dot Com Infoway

This is not the first time DCI has made inroads in new territory. What all started as a lone location in Madurai, India has now grown over the 23 years since to include important branches in key locations from around the world. 

Dot Com Infoway has a branch in New York, United States. This strategic location is key to the business bloodline as it taps into the business capital of the largest ICT market on the planet, with the US accounting for approximately 36% of the global ICT market. The company also has another office based in Baulkham Hills, Australia. Worth more than $34 billion, the Australian IT industry has proven a sound financial investment helping to grow the brand from one corner of the globe to the other. 

The new offices in Thailand and Indonesia will add to DCI’s ever-growing business networks, as the 4th and 5th locations on a highly accomplished repertoire. They will work to support the main function of the head office, providing complementary support to the entire company while providing a tangible presence in these new markets. 

Offices stay true to company culture

Speaking to insiders about the layout of the new offices, the official press team stated that the new offices in Thailand and Indonesia will not deviate from the open floor plan culture. Despite its enormous success, the company has maintained this design as it looked to remove all barriers between employees and their clients. 

The new offices follow in the same footprints, providing a boundary-less workplace where true innovation can flourish unencumbered. They incorporate the latest technology in the game, in keeping with DCI’s relentless pursuit of keeping ahead of the cutting edge of the curve. From state-of-the-art video conferencing software and the latest IT tool kits to advanced workflow management solutions and AI-driven data analytics, Dot Com Infoway has pulled out all the stops with the new offices. They truly show that they mean business. 

“Not by a long shot!” CEO ambitious on the company’s future

That’s what Dot Com Infoway CEO CR Venkatesh said when quizzed about whether DCI is done opening new offices. “We’re just getting started” he exclaimed speaking ahead of the launch. 

“After establishing our brand in India, America, and Australia, we’ve now felt that the time is right to grow our presence in other areas. The offices in Indonesia and Thailand are just a start. We aim to grow into many other locations and continents around the world. Watch this space!” he remarked.  

Nowhere but up for Dot Com Infoway

From an employee base of just 5 at the turn of the millennium to more than 300 just 2 decades later, Dot Com Infoway has made tremendous strides since racing onto the Indian and global ICT scene as a small company with a huge vision. Having reigned supreme in the national IT market, DCI is fast making progress on the international front with these new offices in Thailand and Indonesia. The brand is on the path of tremendous growth and it can only go from strength to strength.   

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