Earn More & Spend Less Using PPC Ad Campaign

Earn More & Spend Less Using PPC Ad Campaign


A PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is a very useful and effective method of promoting certain products or services. With it, a business or an individual can purchase screening on a search engine’s search results. The payed results will appear on top of the search results, above the organic (non-payed) results. As the name suggests it, the advertiser will be charged a fee, only when a potential client clicks that specific link. Even though PPC represents a great method to advertise yourself and to gain visibility on the internet, there are many things that could go wrong and sometimes, the whole ad campaign may backfire.

Ego-bidding or junk traffic, are just a few things that could transform a successful campaign into a real disaster. Also, an improper use of keywords, could attract you the wrong audience, and you will have to pay money for someone who’s not interested in your products. However, the following article aims to explain how can you have maximum benefits, with a minimum investment, from your PPC Ad campaigns.

1) Focus on niche keywords

You will have two main advantages if you decide to insert only niche keywords in your PPC campaign. For example, a vendor who is selling Nike running shoes for girls and decides to put “shoes” as his main keyword, will have to pay a lot of money in the bidding war. Also, it will be hard for him to reach its target audience, as every person who’s looking for shoes will click its link. So he will lose a lot of money for nothing. Instead, if he goes more specific and puts “Nike running shoes for girls”, the bidding price will be significantly lower and the target audience will be more relevant. This way, he will pay less money but obtain better results.

2) Know when to give up

This is another important aspect when you’re launching a PPC campaign. Every ad campaign can prove unprofitable at some point, for unknown reasons. That’s why, it’s important to notice a campaign that’s not working, and to replace it with a new one When? Well, if a person is selling t-shirts and decides to promote them via Facebook PPC, its budget for one campaign should be the price of one t-shirt. If at the end of the campaign, he did not sell at least one t-shirt, he should accept the loss and create a new campaign, with a whole different approach. This way, he will have a clear standard of its investment and will find it easier to recover it later.

3) Create an appealing landing page

It’s utterly pointless to invest in a great PPC campaign, if your landing page is having poor content or an unappealing design. Even if you approached your target audience, the clients still need to see a well optimized landing page, with good quality content. Otherwise, they will leave your page in a few seconds, choosing something else. A good landing page should contain a user friendly interface, an explicit (not general) content about the searched product / service and a nice design.

4) Understand the concept of conversion

A conversion does not necessarily imply a sale but sometimes, it’s more important than one For example, a potential client who is not ready to buy any of your products, but plans to do it in the nearest future. So he subscribes to your newsletter section, creates an account or simply asks questions about a certain product. Even though you didn’t receive any money from this, you have a potential client who is likely to purchase from you Google Analytics will help you understand the concept of conversion better, allowing you to take full advantage out of it


PPC Ad campaign are ideal if you want to boost your visibility on the internet and to increase your sales levels. If you want to fully benefit from one, you have to be well organized and thoroughly plan your actions. Follow all our tips and you will soon reach success with your business.

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