Effective Post launch Mobile App Strategies to Drive Continuous Success

Effective Post launch Mobile App Strategies to Drive Continuous Success

The successful launch of a mobile app is definitely a hard-earned success, but what happens after that? How does a mobile app navigate the challenges of trying to sustain success after the initial launch? This, of course, is the million dollar question.  It’s difficult enough to launch an app but even more challenging to sustain one and actually improve it and get it to grow. It takes strategic planning and a clear vision from the best app marketing agencies.

Launching With Your Eyes Closed

This is a common approach when a mobile app first launches. This describes an approach that has little to no vision or planning beyond getting the app launched. The project team has put all its muscle into pushing the app into the market but has put little practical thought or action into how they will keep up with its performance, maintain its functionality or features. All these factors have been virtually ignored and dealt with generically, without much insight. As with anything, failing to plan is equal to planning to fail, and unfortunately, this is a common approach.

Instead, Plan Continuous Delivery

The vision for a mobile app should extend from its inception and far beyond its delivery. This is the only way to look at the sustainable needs, maintenance, and longevity of the app from a holistic standpoint. This is why the post-launch vision should extend at least 3-6 months into the future with clearly identifiable goals and objectives. Success metrics, KPI’s and both short and long-term goals should be a part of this mix. A concentrated focus on the app should have a direction for the improved future version of the mobile app. This requires creating a product roadmap that details future features that weren’t necessary for the first version. Building on this approach would entail UX enhancements, API/service optimizations, and any other enhancements that are in line with the vision for the app.

Looking for a successful post launch app marketing strategy?

Once you’ve invested in mobile app development and launched it with a bang,everything is not over. To garner a thriving community of users, app needs to be optimized regularly.

Let User Behavior Determine Business Objectives

Although it’s important to have a vision that goes beyond the launch of an app, there is equally important information that must be studied on a continual basis. This is information that is available in real-time, like user behavior. This is invaluable to the survival and longevity of the app and it behooves any savvy business to have their finger on this pulse because it’s the heartbeat of the app. User behavior metrics should strongly guide business objectives. This information lets you know where to make improvements as well as what’s working well. This information can even help determine beneficial new features that should be added.


Sustaining a mobile app well beyond its initial launch takes planning and strategy. It also takes dedication to continuous improvement and delivery. Monitoring and measuring the success of the app is a process that requires looking at the app from every angle imaginable. This is why the initial launch can’t be the biggest effort put forth. How users respond to your app will hold the keys that you will need to continually use to improve it and help it to grow.

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