Exploring the World of WWDC24: Hits, Misses, and Everything You Need to Know

Exploring the World of WWDC24: Hits, Misses, and Everything You Need to Know


Two weeks on from the four-day adventure that was the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC24) and we’re still reeling from all the exciting news on offer. There was so much going on, including the news of iOS 18 and others. If you’re a developer, app marketer, or just someone who wants to keep ahead of the curve, this is the article that will give you all the fine print. Let’s get to it.

WWDC24 Event

So what is the WWDC24 anyway?

Every year, Apple holds the WWDC24 as it seeks to showcase its latest round of developments and game-changing inventions. It’s a time when great ideas come to life, and when Apple users get to know what exciting new features are coming their way.

This year’s iteration was held between June 10 and 14, in line with trends from years past of hosting the event in the sixth month of the year. The event also tends to honor third-party app developers who make their Apple eco-system what it is today.

Getting into the good stuff – Unveiling game-changing innovations

1. The birth of Apple Intelligence

Say hello to Apple intelligence- an AI that uses on-device processing to help protect data privacy on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone, or so Apple says. If you’re already familiar with ChatGPT, then that’s basically what Apple Intelligence is.

While the company was quick in distancing itself from AI, if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck. This stance was meant to show that its solution is superior to AI systems offered by competitors, but that is a matter that only time will tell.

Apple Intelligence will integrate directly into your device to help create a personalized experience on devices like:

  • MacOS Sequoia
  • iPad 18
  • iOS 18

Making Apple Intelligence work for you as a marketer or developer

You can greatly improve app discoverability and your conversion rates, by leveraging Apple Intelligence’s integration with Siri. This can help get your app noticed in places such as the Control Center, Shortcuts app, and Spotlight.

As a marketer, you can also leverage Apple Intelligence via Siri to offer personalized recommendations to app users. For instance, you can provide personalized prompts to users about logging into your app so they can preserve daily login rewards.

2. App Nomination Feature

What does it take to get your app featured on the App Store?

For the most part, we’ve been largely at the mercy of the editor’s pick. However, that’s all beginning to change with the ability of developers and marketers to nominate the apps.

While this feature is not quite in effect just yet, it will launch alongside the release of iOS 18. It will give the power to drum support for your app, and share crucial information about your app’s:

  • Enhancements
  • Unique selling point
  • Upcoming content and so on

All in all, this means that the playing field is now getting level. So the power to get Apple to feature you on the App Store is now in the palm of your hands.

Of course, everyone will flock to take advantage of this so how can you stand out?

Well, we recommend that you submit launch plans to App Store Connect early, continually update nominations to showcase exciting new updates and, of course, nominate yourself several times.


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3. Social Media Marketing via App Store Connect

Some more good news on the way for app developers and marketers is that you’ll be able to create and share marketing assets for your app via the App Store Connect. But how exactly does this work?

Here’s the low-down:

  • Create Marketing Assets on App Store Connect – You probably use Canva or some other visual editor to create marketing assets for your app. Well, App Store Connect now gives you a graphic marketing generator of its own.
  • Share them to your Socials – After you’ve drafted your marketing assets and they look spectacular, all that’s left is to show them off to the world. You can link the App Store Connect app directly to your social media themes and then publish your marketing assets. This will certainly mean elevated productivity for us!
  • Victory Notification – When you get an App Store feature, it also lets you break the good news on your social media, complete with the marketing assets that fit the occasion. You even get automated animations just to spice things up.

All in all, we’re loving what we’re seeing so far. This will take out too many steps and red tape when it comes to social media marketing.

4. Deep Links now available in CCPs

Custom Product Page

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could direct a user straight from a product page to certain places in your app?

This is now a possibility, and you can thank Apple’s integration of deep links into customer product pages (CPP) for that. With this feature, you can guide users to specific in-app content directly from an ad. So they don’t have to open the app and retract special events or offerings on their own.

Of course, this means that there’s a higher chance of conversion.

You can set deep links within App Store Connect by providing a custom URL you’d like. By pairing up with Apple Search ads, this will help you widen the marketing net even more.

If you’re to get full value from CPPs, you want to ensure that your landing pages are well-optimized. To do this, you should leverage user feedback and deep-dive analytics.

The Future is Bright

From deep links being available in CCPs to Apple’s new take on generative AI, we must say that this is very encouraging. It’s a great time to be an iOS app developer because these features will mean that our apps will get more attention. That may in turn mean more downloads, more revenue, and more ROI for app developers and marketers alike. Stay tuned for more updates on what else the WWD24 has paved the way for.

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