Facebook Lead Ads Greatly Drive Business Growth – With Examples That Actually Work!

Facebook Lead Ads Greatly Drive Business Growth – With Examples That Actually Work!


Almost every step you take as a business owner should aim for growth, especially if you are just starting out. What’s the best driver of growth for any business? Customers, of course. Leads. And it’s not just about acquiring as many leads as possible. As much as possible, they should be high-quality, highly targeted and engaged leads.

Facebook lead ads basically give you plenty of opportunities to do this, allowing you to build a continuous stream of leads that will accelerate growth with effective ad copy. With the amount of freedom to exercise creativity in the platform, this pretty much a guarantee. Obviously, you still have to learn how to create such eye-catching, high-converting ads. You’re in luck for we have shared the best FB ad examples here as well.

Facebook Marketing

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is at the heart of marketing, especially modern online marketing, because it is one of the first steps you can take to acquire new customers that can become loyal patrons in the long run.

That said, it’s a online marketing process that largely focuses on attracting people with what you have to offer, product or service. It’s not so much concerned with conversions as engaging them and building their trust enough to confidently share their contact information with you (usually by encouraging them to fill up contact forms). Online ads are but one way that effective lead generation can be done.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook lead ads are a subcategory of Facebook Ads that specializes in helping you acquire leads. With this amount of focus, the entire platform allows you to construct eye-catching ads that will help you acquire potential customers.

What makes Facebook Lead Ads great is that they are fairly uncomplicated to set up and very optimized. You can construct an ad in seconds by filling up the pertinent details (like target audience, budget, placement, ad text, etc.), and this can be done on only a few pages. It also helps you acquire any leads’ information easily, as you’ll see in the other facts we shared below.

Setup Steps and How It Works?

  • Head over to the Ads Manager page then click on the ‘Create’ button. Make sure you choose ‘Lead generation’ as your objective then input your campaign’s name.

fb lead ad campaign

  • You will then asked to choose the Facebook page that will be used as the lead ad.
  • You now have to enter the budget, target audience, schedule, and ad placement. Once done, you can set the ad format (e.g. image, video, or carousel).
  • Now comes the important part of setting the ad’s headline, copy, and CTA. As you fill up the blanks, an ad preview will always automatically update next to it to serve as a ready reference.
  • Next comes choosing the Contact Form that you will be using to acquire the contact information. You can input an intro before listing all the questions you want to ask. You also have to include a privacy policy and a thank you message once everything is done.

fb ad campaign setup

  • On the ‘Settings’ of the same page, it’s recommended to check the entry that asks whether you want to collect organic leads.
  • Click the ‘Finish’ button then take the time to review your ad in the Ads Manager section before publishing.

Once published, the ads will immediately be in operation and start fulfilling its purpose of acquiring leads. Of course, to ensure you make the most of your budget, you have to be willing to go over the performance of every ad, make modifications, and start testing these tweaks to optimize your campaign.


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How Facebook Lead Ads Can Give Your Business Its Much-Needed Boost

Facebook claims that lead ads help you get more customers. While this is certainly true, that’s arguably just the tip of the iceberg. After all, Facebook lead ads also help you understand your audience. Knowing your audience not only helps you gain more customers but seals the possibility of retaining them, too. If you think that online forms serve as the best way to do this, then it won’t take long for you to see why lead ads can be such powerful tools.

  • Efficient and Hassle-Free Lead Generation

Facebook lead ads, essentially, mirror forms than any other type of social media advertisement. Their end goal also involves getting as much invaluable information about the customer, besides sending them promotions and opportunities to connect and subscribe to anything you happen to be offering.

You’re probably thinking: wouldn’t it be such a hassle to ask customers to fill up these forms? Well, another perk that FB lead ads have is that they often let the user forgo the typing and filling up of needed info. Most forms used by these ads are filled beforehand based on the Facebook personal information that the user has shared.

  • Mobile-Friendly (in More Ways than One)

This is why it often takes only a few seconds (and taps) to fill up the forms for most mobile users. And that’s just another benefit you get from Facebook lead ads: it’s built to perform spectacularly in any mobile platform or device.

These advantages demonstrate the simple yet totally effective lead ads on Facebook can influence your business’s trajectory for success. Customer acquisition and familiarity all rolled into one – it’s rare for paid advertising platforms to provide such versatility and cost-effectiveness. That’s all that you can expect from any kind of well-planned Facebook lead ads campaign.

  • Freedom to Customize Questions to Acquire Better Leads

You get to have the liberty to ask questions that really matter to your business and customers. You want to make sure that you will be able to fulfill the client’ s needs and preferences, surely, and Facebook lead ads contact forms technically offers limitless opportunities to do that.

And what exactly do we mean by “better leads”? Well, they are pretty much an audience that has the highest potential of becoming long-term, dedicated customers. Everything a business wants in a customer, in short. Without a doubt, the ability to attract them with promos and incentives or to offer free quotes and demos only boosts this further. The platform realizes, after all, that the key lies in giving people what they want and will truly find useful

The Best Examples of Excellent Facebook Lead Ads Creation

Creating lead ads on Facebook is simple enough as it is because there are dedicated text boxes for the entire ad copy. It’s not hard to get the hang of creating the actual ads. The real challenge lies in creating the ad copy that fits a tee with the platform’s requirements and limitations.

Should you be as concise with your words as possible? Are images important? If yes, are there specific features and properties that you need to be mindful of? What are the perks of using videos instead of static images? You will know the answers to these questions once you check out the best Facebook lead ads examples we have shared here.

  • Use Information Packed Videos Whenever Possible

As you can see from the sample above, you get to make the most out of the single form of media that you can attach to your ads this way. You get to showcase more than what you normally can in a single image. Animations tend to catch the eye of any user better, too.

facebook ads

FREE SEATS are back!
Promo ends (date)

  • Keep Things To-the-point (and Colorful)

Just look at the word count of the AirAsia ad above. It arguably falls well below what most experts will consider as effective brevity as far as ad copy is concerned. But since its topic is very specific (i.e. free seats), it doesn’t really need to be wordy. It gets its point across with just four words in the ad title in it chooses to render in all-caps the ad’s main offering. The use of the powerful word “free” undoubtedly adds to its strength as well.

You can also easily see how the ad makes use of strikingly bright red background color to instantly arrest the usual FB scroller’s attention. This is just one way that you can use bright, high-contrast colors to your advantage.

FB ad example

  • Be Liberal in Offering Promos and Giveaways

Who isn’t attracted to giveaways that you know will let you experience something wonderfully new and memorable? The number of reactions and shares the ad above got only proves just how effective this strategy is. Indeed, offering a valuable thing in return only raises the volume of users that will be attracted to your ad. This also proves that ad copies do not need to be like rocket science. As long as you can provide a freebie, a lot of people are sure to turn their heads.


As you can see, if there’s one paid advertising strategy you should be polishing and honing, how you are creating and deploying Facebook lead ads should be one of them. Paid advertising can burn up your budget pretty fast if you do not have a solid plan of action and superior ad copy.

This is why it’s very much recommended to use examples that work as your inspiration when creating your own ads. It doesn’t hurt to copy but make sure you introduce your own twists. Otherwise, you might never be able to stand out and make the most of your campaigns. That said, you certainly should not cross out experimenting – you just have to do it with as much caution and restraint in budgeting as possible.

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