Google Analytics Introduces Predefined Filters

Google Analytics Introduces Predefined Filters


Google Analytics has recently updated the filter manger by introducing predefined filters. With this now you have an option to select either Custom filters or Predefined filters.

The predefined filters are,

  • Exclude/Include only Traffic from a domain: Use this filter to exclude/include only traffic from a specific domain, such as an ISP or company network.
    Predefined Filter

    Google Analytics Predefined Filter

  • Exclude/Include only all traffic from an IP address: This filter works to exclude/include only clicks from certain sources. You can enter a single IP address, or a range of addresses.
    IP Predefined Filter

    Include/Exclude IP Address From Google Analytics
  • Exclude/Include only traffic to a subdirectory: Use this filter if you want a profile to report or exclude only on a particular subdirectory (such as
    Predefined Filter Subdirectory

    Include/Exclude Sub directory From Google Analytics

With 2009 coming to an end I’m sure Google will start rolling more new updates to its products.

Lets wait and watch

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