Google Analytics Landing Page Report – How to Make The Most Out of It?

Google Analytics Landing Page Report – How to Make The Most Out of It?


Before we enter into the topic, I would like to ask you a question – Which Google Analytics report you feel will be helpful for analyzing your Landing Pages? I guess many of you will answer – “Top landing pages report”. This is maybe because we are attuned to viewing the top landing pages report often and we tend to think that they offer the best analysis. Not really.

The Landing Pages of a website is nothing but the pages through which people enter the website. So it is very important to determine what are the top landing pages in your website before you proceed further.
Below are some data discrepancies which would make you rethink your trust on top landing pages reports:

1. The report section displays only entrances, bounces and bounce rate
2. The data is not sufficient to provide us the conversion data
3. Revenue generated by the landing pages cannot be displayed


Other than the traditional methods, there are ways to analyze landing pages from ROI-ers perspective.

One way to analyze the landing page is from an existing Google Analytics report, and the other way to do so is to segment the landing page using custom reports.

Here’s how to do it using the available reports in Google Analytics: In GA, go to Visitors > Map Overlay and then use the dimension drop down menu to select your Landing Page.



This report will help us to see how these landing pages were viewed when the visitors signing up for getting my quote or buying products. So finally the Map Overlay Landing Page Report analysis is awesome and dandy.

We can even customize our own report if the built-in report is not working for you. Custom Reports always give a better solution to analyze the insights.


Now we can compare whatever we want. The Goal and E-commerce data are separated here, but we can even pack it all on one tab if we would like. By adding this to dashboard we will get greater insights into your visitor traffic and site performance and that is indeed, good to go!

Please do share your thoughts in our comments section on how would you like to check your Landing Page performance in GA?

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