How Dot Com Infoway Is Ensuring Minimal Disruption in Handling Projects During the Coronavirus Crisis

How Dot Com Infoway Is Ensuring Minimal Disruption in Handling Projects During the Coronavirus Crisis


The coronavirus pandemic may have crippled and continuously affects most industries of many countries worldwide, but by no means are companies going down without a fight. In fact, a lot have even put up measures and continue to find ways to not let the virus, COVID-19 impact workflow and the entire business operation.

Almost immediately, many countries that were put on lockdown advised companies to start setting up work-from-home environments for their employees. And there could be no other industry that was able to smoothly make that transition than IT. For one, you need only to look at the digital workplaces that Dot Com Infoway has developed to know why. We at Dot Com Infoway are proud to say that we are COVID-19-ready.

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Going Completely Work-From-Home

This is almost a no-brainer for any kind of app development company because most of their employees can afford to work from home with minimal to zero disruption on workflow. There are even companies that make this arrangement for their staff right after they have been hired, which is why it shouldn’t really be a surprise that these companies were able to adapt to this recommendation without any bumps and technical issues.

For one, DCI’s work-from-home equipment, tools, and framework are already set up for plenty of our teams. Our virtual offices make good use of cloud technology to transmit data, as well as Google Docs and Drive for document sharing, which makes collaboration very convenient for everyone.

With the help of our dedicated developers who are well-trained to work remotely with zero issues, you will be able to partner with those who will give 100% focus and effort to your project. No more, no less.

The Matter of Communication

As for any need to meet with team members or report on the progress of a particular project, this can always be done in myriad team management platforms or any kind of collaboration app, for that matter. As long as everyone is informed of the meeting, ad-hoc or otherwise, and scheduling is well-planned, it’s relatively uncomplicated to coordinate everyone. This is most certainly the case in DCI.

Zoom, BaseCamp and WhatsApp are but some of the truly great communication apps that we use. Zoom, in particular, has plenty of features that fit perfectly for doing any kind of collaboration or coordinating office communication through screen-sharing. These apps also make communication readily available to everyone, which is always important to maintain any type of long-term fully work-from-home arrangement.

Planning Workflow

It can be understood that managing employees that are all working from home has its own unique challenges. Distractions, understandably, abound and with minimal supervision, it can be easy for any employee to stray from his current task. This is why we opt to make it known to everyone the tasks that should be prioritized every time they are assigned.

We deem this as one of the best approaches to take in such a setting where working hours tend to be sporadic and the hour quotas are rarely met. Our reasoning is that it is almost always better to complete the most complicated tasks first so they can then ease off and proceed to complete their other tasks with less stress.

That said, our managers and owners are open to the very real possibility that workflow will always be disrupted. Considering the seriousness of this pandemic, particularly its immense negative impact on how everyone can conduct their day-to-day activities, this should not be hard to accept by everyone.

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How Do Teams Manage Performance? Mentoring Is One

We always ensure that our team members will receive the training and will be made familiar with such a work arrangement – to the point that it becomes natural to them. We take the time to assist those who aren’t by making it easy for them to perform their tasks as much as possible. This is where our mentors come in.

Why is familiarity important for performance? It allows team members to be just as proactive in communicating with everyone and as excellent in performing their duties. And as long as good mentors are ready to step up, it will not be hard to induce familiarity and efficiency in the virtual workplace before long.

They make sure everyone is kept up to speed, after all. Without a doubt, mentorship boosts everyone’s morale as well and our mentors are clear proof of this. With everyone working in complete synergy, what more to expect than better overall performance?

This, of course, requires a willingness and enthusiasm to reach out to every team member and develop relationships with them. In short, it takes more than just establishing a solid line of communication to be able to connect with everyone in your team, however remote they may be. Our mentors definitely prize these vital leader traits.

Encouraging Continuous Digital Training

Having everyone learn consistently about new digital tools and skills will only ensure that they won’t remain stagnant, both as a worker and a person. It definitely won’t hurt to prioritize learning skills and familiarizing them with tools that will help them finish their tasks easier and quicker in a work-from-home setting, though. This is basically a given in Dot Com Infoway.

We realize that there are just as many opportunities for online learning as work-from-home solutions nowadays, so it’s vital for our teams to grab as much of this opportunity as they can. We are well aware that assisting in enriching your team members’ skills and knowledge in various digital areas will only reduce the time you need to invest in supervising them, allowing us to optimize our schedules better.

The truly unprecedented, sweeping effects of the coronavirus pandemic may continue to bring companies and teams to their knees. We at DCI are doing our best to prevent this by making good use of present technology and other resources available to us.

What’s certain from the facts above is that this is more of a herculean challenge to leaders. What steps should you take to ensure that your team will be able to make the needed adjustments quickly? More importantly, how can you maintain it and keep everyone calm during such a trying time?

Having trained and honed our app development team leaders over time, we are confident that it won’t be hard for them to provide solid answers to these questions. We will also be able to come up with a sound strategy that will overcome the usual hurdles associated with work-from-home settings.

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