How To Demonstrate Respect At Work

How To Demonstrate Respect At Work


Everyone has a sense of self-esteem and expects respect from others. Lack of respect or indifferent treatment of co-workers can cause disruptions in interpersonal relationships in office. We should give regard to others by asking for opinions and suggestions with every new initiative or venture we take. Be it a small team of 5 members or a big team of 500 members, everyone concerned should be consulted and informed with every new approach taken.

How to Demonstrate Respect At Work
Giving respect to the colleagues at work is must as it will help managers and employers to get much better output at work. Your colleagues will also develop a sense of belongingness to the work environment, which will lead to reduction in attrition rates. But, how do we demonstrate respect to others? Or, how should we not disrespect others? Below are ten ways on how to demonstrate respect at work:

1. Opportunity: Provide equal opportunities to everyone, say Project Manager, Team Leader, Senior Engineer, including programmers and trainee programmers to offer ideas and suggestions on how to deal with an issue. Understand that knowledge does not lie in the designation.

2. Appreciation: Appreciate colleagues and employees if they do something extraordinary. We can appreciate by giving awards and rewards to the deserving. Appreciation encourages people to work more and will enthuse them to achieve further. Take every little opportunity to appreciate.

3. Rules and Regulations: There would be rules and regulations in all companies. Following the rules is a must but not all time and in every critical situation. We can always bend the rules when employees/subordinates face critical life situations.

4.Value: Give value to others speech or ideas. Never ignore anyone at anytime for any reason. We need to understand that everyone is specialized in something or the other. So, avoid discriminating people based on their religion, gender, age, background or social status.  Do not cut off others in either way.

5. Kind words: Treat people with courtesy. Use kind and polite words even if someone is wrong or absurd in their approach. Kind words can make people realize their mistakes and correct them. It will surely lead them in a good way and give better results.

6. Keep up time: Respond to all the emails sent by employees on time. Respect all the requisitions, help, clarifications on time. Keep up the time for everything you do. If you are not able to respond on time then ask for apology before you reply for the same.

7. Avoid Gossips: Gossiping at work place  is very common and popular mainly in IT field. But it can create a bad impression on you and it will may push you to lose your self respect and most valuable productive hours. Hence, never get caught in gossips and rumors.

8. Maintain good relationship: Talk to everyone in office. Be jovial at work. Don’t restrict yourself from talking to few people. Maintaining good relationship with everyone will surely bring you on top. Adjust yourself with everyone’s attitude and go accordingly in their way.

9. Don’t mess up personal business with work:
Don’t ever have personal relationship at work as it will highly affect your work and also your personal life. It will also affect the productive time and other work-related relationships. Hence, it will end up in confusion which may force you to quit your work in some situations. Don’t let it happen, have a friendly relationship, but know your limits.

10. Be Honest: Try to do your best at work and accomplish the missions on time. Use your work effectively. Work hard and be honest in everything you do.  It will really help you see yourself on top of your colleagues.

Give respect to all. You will earn respect in the long run.

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