How To Use Quora Effectively To Generate More Leads

How To Use Quora Effectively To Generate More Leads


Quora, primarily a knowledge based question, and answer platform have roughly 100 million visitors each month. It provides an opportunity for experts and thought leaders to answer a wide array of questions and queries that, once answered solidifies their position of authority.

Because of this platform’s uniqueness, it has attracted professionals from around the globe from a variety of industries. These experts personally provide answers to questions that have been asked by their followers. This unique marketing strategy alone has added to the increasing popularity of the site. So how does one use Quora to enhance lead generation and increase sales?


How Quora Serves as a Lead Generation Tool

Quora serves as a lead generation tool by allowing it’s experts to provide answers to benefit their followers and other users. This platform is basically a forum designed for knowledge – based sharing. What it is not however, is a sales funnel or what one would typically call a direct lead generation tool. But what it does do in terms of serving as a vehicle for lead generation is open up the lines of communication between experts and other users. This platform works best when you are genuinely engaging with others who sincerely want answers to the questions that they have.

So the way that it works is when experts take the time to build their profile that displays their position of authority on Quora, it then serves as a launching pad to lead generation. So it’s not designed to directly generate leads, but rather indirectly through the investment of building the proper profile that represents your best authoritative position.

The following are a few tips to get started using Quora for lead generation

  • Create a profile of authority.
  • Actively engage in topics within your niche in an authoritative manner.
  • Interact with followers directly; particularly those who expressed an interest in your niche and who are following your questions. Use the opportunity to also establish relationships and determine whether there are any potential business opportunities.
  • Share your responses on social media. This allows you to get even more exposure on multiple social media platforms. This further increases your brand authority which will generate even more leads.
  • Seek out the most trending topics within your niche. Becoming aware of the type of questions and answered that are most popular allows you to use this as research to develop even better questions. This also lends itself to more followers and ultimately additional leads.
  • Make connections with industry leaders and top influencers within your industry. Make note of the type of users who follow similar questions and reach out to them. Making connections with them allows you to become noticed by other key industry experts.
  • Make use of Quora’s features and tools, such as TrackBacks for SEO. This tool works by sending you information each time any of your sources have been cited from your blog or website. This enhances your SEO rankings which further enhances your opportunity to obtain more leads.

In closing, not only is Quora a wonderful way to create an authoritative presence, but it also allows you to engage with sincere users who are in search of information while generating more leads.

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