Mobile Game Business in India – Infographic

Mobile Game Business in India – Infographic


Key Gaming Industry Trends in a Snapshot

Mobile phones have taken the country by storm, and so have games that can be played on them. From young to old and rich to poor, everyone seems to be hooked to playing games on their mobile phones. Mobile games, whether online or app based, offer an easy access to entertainment, anytime and anywhere. And this is the precise reason why the gaming industry in India is growing by leaps and bounds.

As the gaming industry grows in India, a rising number of startups and gaming app developers are also entering the industry.

To give a better perspective of the market to these startups and developers as well as gaming aficionados, we have released an infographic on the topic, ‘Mobile Game Business in India’.

This highly informative infographic covers all key aspects of the gaming industry in the country in a very comprehensive manner. Dominated by quick-to-grasp charts and statistics, the infographic effectively informs about the latest game download trends.

Powered by the research provided by Business Standard, and Tune, the infographic features the top trending games of this year as well as the last. In addition, the infographic showcases various genres of mobile games played in India.

One interesting research in the infographic points out the gender-wise classification of gamers and covers time spent by males and females on playing mobile games.

Moreover, the infographic also illustrates quick facts on the gaming users’ behavior trends in the subcontinent.

The infographic presents crucial market research facts on the gaming industry in India, which is of much value to game developers as well as mobile game advertising agency.


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