Infographic: Take Your App to the Top This Holiday Season

Infographic: Take Your App to the Top This Holiday Season


With the holiday season almost upon us, it is time for app marketers to ace their game. As Christmas and the New Year come jingling in, it is also a wake up call to pump up your app marketing efforts as the holiday season means maximum downloads for well-projected apps.

According to experts, holiday season drives maximum traffic on mobile apps, especially shopping and gaming apps. The logic is simple – people have time on their hands, they are teeming with the holiday spirit and shopping is always a big part of any celebration.

Are you ready to make the most of the holiday season yet? As every marketer gears to propel their app to the front, use industry insights and data collected over the past holiday season to make informed marketing decisions. To help you leverage this festive season to the fullest, Dot Com Infoway, a global award winning design and mobile app marketing firm, has brought out an informative, easy to understand and attractive infographic revealing stats and tips to ‘Take your App to the Top this Holiday Season.’

iOS vs. Android

To help mobile marketers and app owners, AppsFlyer analysed app installs and purchase data from Q4 2015. Predicting a surge in e-commerce activity mainly driven through mobiles, the infographic brings out interesting and very useful differences in the behaviours of iOS and Android users. Using these data driven insights can help marketers design effective holiday app marketing campaigns that will outshine the competition.

The infographic very helpfully breaks down this information for gaming app marketers and shopping app marketers on both platforms. You would be surprised that in 2015, iOS based app users were more active than their android counterparts. iOS based shopping apps recorded a spike of 175% in non-organic installs as compared to 150% for android apps, while iOS based gaming apps saws increased purchase activity of 140% as compared to 110% for android apps.

App Marketing Best Practices

Delivering stats is not enough. Apart from sharing key app related data from Q4 2015, the infographic by DCI goes one step forward, sharing effective marketing techniques for the holiday season.

Marketers must block their calendars and review their app and submit it to the App Store before 23-27 December 2016, planning the submission closer to annual iTunes connect shutdown.

One of the many tips listed to help marketers, offering holiday discounts, promotions and upgrading to an engaging holiday theme will have users flocking to your app.

Another handy advice doled out is to upgrade your app for latest OS versions, incorporating Apple Pay or Google Wallet, for a higher rank in app store searches. A very important point for all app owners is to fix bugs in their apps before iTunes shutdown. Everyone knows how a single bug can pull down a star app! The holiday season is also a good time to ask existing users to rate your app as a single star increase in your app’s rating can increase downloads by 340%. Now that’s really useful…

The infographic by DCI is an attempt to help marketers make the most of the year by keying them with past insights and future strategies for increased app revenues. Users will find the infographic extremely handy, especially because it comes out at a time when most marketers would be hard pressed for devising ingenious strategies to outshine the competition in app stores.

Make this holiday season more exciting for your app by following the right marketing strategies. Get in touch with app listing agencies with a stellar pitch and have your app listed for better reach and visibility. Make the most of this Christmas – after all, the holiday season is all about mobile apps.


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