iOS 4.1 – Major Updates and Disappointments

iOS 4.1 – Major Updates and Disappointments


iOS 4.1 released recently, creating a buzz in the mobile industry. According to Apple, iOS 4.1 brings in major updates to the iOS platform to fix previous version’s bugs, in terms of performance improvements and a lot more. As promised,  Apple has brought in massive upgrades to refine its iOS 4. But does the update fix the bugs of the previous version? We still don’t know. So let’s have a walk through of the expectations and disappointments of iOS 4.1.

iOS 4.1 major updates

iOS 4.1 was expected to be much bigger than iOS 4. If we have to stand by facts, Apple has resolved most of the previous version’s bugs.

HD Video Upload Over WiFi: Before the release of  iOS 4.1, there was no support for high definition video uploading on WiFi. This was a major disappointment for avid photographers who would want to capture videos using their iPhone 4 and upload them directly to YouTube. So to resolve this issue, iOS 4.1 has an option to choose between standard or high definition uploading on YouTube via WiFi. However, uploading HD video on 3G is still restricted.

TV Show Rentals: TV Show Rentals is another great advantage of iOS 4.1. There are not many mobile phones that offer renting of TV shows. Although spending $99 per episodes really means a lot it is a great news for anyone who is always on the move.

New Signal Bar Algorithm: Antennagate is the much talked about issue of iPhone 4. In response to this, Apple rolled out a new signal bar algorithm to calculate the level of signals. Compared to signal bars in iOS 4.0, the iOS 4.1 has taller signal bars. But does this really solve the antennagate issue? The answer would be “NO”.

Proximity Sensor Issue: Proximity Sensor is one of the biggest flaws of iOS 4.0. Though this isn’t a major flaw, it has affected  quite a lot of people. Why does this proximity sensor so important? Proximity Sensors are used to recognize when the phone is on a call near your face, so here the sensor tells the phone to deactivate the touch screen to prevent accidental clicks on the screen.

HDR Image Technology: HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR technology takes three pictures at a quick succession and these three pictures are grouped to select the best parts in each photos and combine them into one photo – the output. If you have tried this, you see the magic of iOS 4.1.

Game Center is yet another feature added to the iOS 4.1, but there is not enough app which comes with Game Center integration.

Still there are many critical updates to be fixed. So what about the disappointments?

Proximity Sensor Again: According to Apple, the iOS 4.1 fixes the Proximity Sensor issue. But as per the recent poll from CultofMac, (40% of the poll says) Proximity Sensor issue is still there. Since this is quite critical, proximity flaw falls under disappointment with the iOS 4.1.

With the iOS 4.2 out for developers, we can somewhat expect it to be fixed in the coming versions.

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