Latest from the App Store: August 30, 2012

Latest from the App Store: August 30, 2012


Are you looking for apps that you could download? We would like to help you in picking up the latest and the most interesting apps every day. Have a look at the ones listed below. We have hand-picked the best free and paid apps in the entertainment and games category today from the app store. Download them now!

Apps listed:

Save the Sushi Free, BeeSports Free, Bloinka, Bun Bun, Chest Burster, Instant Sketch Free, 45sound, Napoleon HD, Numbrix from PARADE, Rage Photobomb, Touch Me – Pro, Fight Combat, Spaceteroids, Uwon, FireJumpers

Latest apps store games and entertainment apps aug3012

Save the Sushi Games Apps
Save the Sushi Free – Price : Free

Publisher: Yogome, Inc


Evil Queen Ignorantia has stolen Yogome’s Golden Sushi and we need it back!

Help us recover it, you just have to use your multiplying super powers!

—Educational content—

Study the multiplication charts in a fun way!

– Multiplication charts 2-9



BeeSports Entertainment Apps
BeeSports Free – Price: Free

Publisher: Beemates Media


BeeSports is a track and field style game, that will allow you to take control of BeeStrong the main cartoon character. You will challenge two funky opponents, the Lazy Lizard and the Furious Ant. Working your way through 3 challenging events (100m Dash, 100m Hurdles and LongJump), The aim it to climb your way to the top of the podium and claim the Gold medals in each event.



Bloinka Entertainment Apps
Bloinka – Price: Free

Publisher: Bloinka!


This app will allow users to interact with / review information presented in venues with Bloinka! digital displays.



Bun Bun Entertainment Apps
Bun Bun – Price: Free

Publisher: Pollapee Sroysuwan


Once upon a time, In the gallexy has one cute species name Bun Bun. And now they come to your devices.

You can create Bun Bun on your and save your creature to album.

After you save your creature, you can go to gallery mode and all of your creatures will show themselve on your screen.

So Let’s create Bun Bun and make Bun Bun world.



Chest Burster Entertainment Apps
Chest Burster – Price : Free

Publisher: Niklas Wormann


Try our amazing Augmented Reality app, fresh from our lab.

Download the marker image from or even better, get the t-shirt from



Instant Sketch Entertainment Apps
Instant Sketch Free – Price : Free

 Publisher: CIV Graphics LLC


You can now enjoy “Instant Sketch” for FREE with this ad-supported version!

Why do we think that our sketch app is the most unique of its kind? Well, after checking out the screenshots yourself, you will probably come to the same conclusion!

We also strived hard to make the app easy to use.



45sound Entertainment Apps
45sound – Price : Free

Publisher: 45sound


Film, upload and watch great-sounding live music videos on your iPhone with 45sound!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

When you film and upload your videos of a 45sound show, we automatically match them up with a proper live audio recording so they sound perfect and fans around the world can enjoy them.



Napoleon HD Games Apps
Napoleon HD – Price: Free

Publisher: IK Media


“Napoleon” – is a funny classic puzzle game for one player, which helps to develop your logic and tactical ability.

The game will bring a lot of fun for both children and adults.

Puzzle, invented by Napoleon, is not so easy as it seems to be at first sight, only few people are able to pass it through. Can you overcome it? Check your tactical abilities and pass it through.



Numbrix from PARADE Entertainment Apps
Numbrix from PARADE – Price: $1.99

Publisher: Condé Nast Digital


Numbrix is fun numbers game from the publisher of PARADE Magazine. Although Numbrix is built on numbers, it is not a game that requires math skills. Explore the different flavors of puzzles from PARADE’s Marilyn vos Savant.

Numbrix is a numeric pattern game, built around a nine-by-nine grid with only a few of the squares completed. Players will work through patterns to complete the grid. Compete against a clock, or just have fun, as you exercise your mind.



Rage Photobomb Entertainment Apps
Rage Photobomb – Price: $0.99



Add Rage faces to your photos with Rage Photobomb.

Faces include:

-The classic Rage Guy



-Troll Face

-LOL face

-and many more


Touch Me - Pro Entertainment Apps
Touch Me – Pro – Price: $0.99

Publisher: Fontaine Pierre


Touch Me is a simple application designed to let you Touch the screen, slide your finger in different directions and it will play sound effects.

Define a slide show with your own pictures and set the sound you want to play when you touch the screen.



Fight Combat Games Apps
Fight Combat – Price: $0.99

Publisher: Daniel Hasbun


As one of the skill fighter name John pursuit different cities and streets to disable the bombs and combat way through corruption by fighting and finding the bomb codes to disable them and escaping before the bomb explodes!

John will have to fight combat enemies and there is Tom to help him through this amazing action adventure journey.



Spaceteroids Games Apps
Spaceteroids – Price: $2.99

Publisher: Innovative Video Solutions


Your ship is returning from battle and is severely damaged. You have no lasers and your shield strength is at 30%.

Objective: Make it back to Star Command with out hitting Asteriods or being sucked into a Black Hole.

This game is fun, challenging and addictive!

Good Luck!



Uwon Games Apps
Uwon – Price: $0.99

Publisher: Ratto Software


Magnetic game that has the player get all the batteries while avoiding hazards such as laser walls, holes, and black holes.



FireJumpers Games Apps
FireJumpers – Price: $1.99

Publisher: Redblox Games


In this real-time strategy game, you will command a team of elite fire-fighting ground units, helicopters and water bombers as they battle raging wildfires around the world. Your fire fighters will leap into action against fires ranging from cottage-country forest fires to town-threatening infernos. And the action continues as your team must battle fires in Central Park, the Everglades and even a volcano!



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