Latest from the App Store: August 31, 2012

Latest from the App Store: August 31, 2012


Are you looking for apps that you could download? We would like to help you in picking up the latest and the most interesting apps every day. Have a look at the ones listed below. We have hand-picked the best free and paid apps in the entertainment and games category today from the app store. Download them now!

Apps listed:

Steal the Energy! Think and Strike!, Motivator, The motivation you need to cope with everyday life, Tooth Fairy Calculator, Animal Bingo: Card Matching Game, Crazy Bikers 2, Milk the Cow (Lite), Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion, Retro Game Pack Deluxe, My Viking Lotto, BzzzZ, Life Simulator (Universal), Blast-A-Way, From the Deep, Draw and roll, Hidden Differences: Haunted Mansions


Latest apps store games and entertainment apps aug3112


Steal the Energy! Think and Strike! Games Apps
Steal the Energy! Think and Strike! – Price : Free

Publisher: Rudak Aliaksei



The object is to complete every level of the game, each of which has a unique goal that must be achieved. Controlling the white sphere (using the accelerometer), the player must exchange energy with the colored spheres by touching them. The energy level of a sphere is indicated by its number, and if the energy reaches 0, that sphere will be destroyed.



Motivator Entertainment Apps
Motivator, The motivation you need to cope with everyday life. – Price: Free

Publisher: NostroStudio Digital



More than 200,000 downloads!

Is it an uphill struggle to go to the gym? After a few drinks are you about to call your ex? Have you just been unable to get it up? Motivator provides you with a range of rousing speeches accompanied by epic music that will give you the motivation you need to overcome everyday adversities.



Tooth Fairy Calculator Entertainment Apps
Tooth Fairy Calculator – Price: Free

Publisher: Visa Inc.


The Tooth Fairy Calculator helps parents determine how much the Tooth Fairy should leave their children. A parent can enter brief information about gender, education, state, age and household income to learn how much the Tooth Fairy should leave their child for each lost baby tooth.

The Tooth Fairy Calculator app also shows parents how inflation affects the amount the Tooth Fairy gives children.



Animal Bingo Entertainment Apps
Animal Bingo: Card Matching Game – Price: Free

Publisher: Jeff Corwin Connect


Jeff Corwin, Emmy award winning TV-host, Biologist and Co-founder of JeffCorwinConnect Inc would like to invite you to connect your kids to the world’s coolest reality show, NATURE!

Animal Bingo is a fun multiplayer toddler card matching game filled with animal images and sounds.

Our goal is to connect children to nature and animals by associating sounds with names and images.



Crazy Bikers 2 Games Apps
Crazy Bikers 2 – Price : Free

Publisher: Spawn Studios, Lda


– Crazy Bikers 2 –

To the fans of the original Crazy Bikers:

We thank you for making Crazy Bikers the great success it was. You asked for more, now you get it!

To old and new players:

Crazy Bikers 2 is free so everybody can try it without fear of regret. The list of improvements and new features is endless.



Milk the Cow Games Apps
Milk the Cow (Lite) – Price : Free

 Publisher: Savy Soda


Milk the Cow (Lite)

by SavySoda™

In Milk the cow, you have one task… Milk the cow to death!

This is the simplest, most ridiculously funny game. Great for stress relief and surprisingly addictive!

Simply squeeze the cow’s breasts and see how many buckets of milk you can get in 30 seconds. Complete with game center high score and achievement so you can challenge your friends!



Masters of Mystery Crime of Fashion Games Apps
Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion – Price : Free

Publisher: G5 Entertainment



Step into the world of glamor in Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion.

The brutal murder of a famous designer shakes the high-stakes world of New York fashion. Join Detective Carrie Chase and use interactive forensic tools to explore crime scenes and find evidence.



Retro Game Pack Deluxe Games Apps
Retro Game Pack Deluxe – Price: Free

Publisher: AppsGaGa


New App Free for Limited Time

3 old-school games in one pack ! Fun Fun Fun!

Ping-Pong, Brick Out, and Retro Invader.

Black and white graphics, 8-bit arcade sound effect, simple control

Classic video games of the 80’s… Enjoy!

– check out our app video:



My Viking Lotto Entertainment Apps
My Viking Lotto – Price: $1.99

Publisher: erlyscruz


My Viking Lotto is the great app for Viking Lotto game.

The application that helps you to make bets reduced to the Viking Lottery.

The reduced system allows you to select more numbers than a standard entry, providing you with the entry that cover almost all combinations of numbers you have chosen.



BzzzZ Games Apps
BzzzZ – Price: $0.99

Publisher: Giedrius Talzunas


New funny game. Frogs don’t like mosquitoes. They eat them. Mosquitoes will do everything to avoid that. Your job is to catch them all. Your challenge now begins. Good Luck.

– Action Mixed With Puzzle

– Funny Characters

– Funny Moments

– 90 Easy And Hard Levels



Life Simulator Games Apps
Life Simulator (Universal) – Price: $2.99

Publisher: Gamedokan


Life Simulator simulates reproduction and advance of lives.

Food chain by lives.


– By the morphing technology, models change shapes seamlessly.

– Gyroscope and accelerometer provide 6-axis motion sensing.

– Retina display is available.



Blast-A-Way Games Apps
Blast-A-Way – Price: $4.99

Publisher: Illusion Labs


This time they have really done it! The little Boxies climbed up the Sticky Bomb Monument and it fell over. When the bomb hit the ground it went KABLAAM! and blasted all the little Boxies far far away.

Help three robot heroes save the lost Boxies throughout the many levels made of wood, metal, fabric, stone and plastic. To accomplish this honourable mission they have to use bombs, teleporters, rebuilders, colorizers, portals, color gates and more, found in and around the levels.


From the Deep Games Apps
From the Deep – Price: $0.99

Publisher: Tibor Simon


You are deeply under the ground. What you are going to do? Climb and defeat your enemies!

Go through 100 awesome levels, upgrade yourself, climb as high as you can.

Game Center integrated! Be the first!



Draw and roll Games Apps
Draw and roll – Price: $0.99

Publisher: CODESPOT


Draw and roll is a new member of physic game family. A flirtatious roar, named Roly, was attracted by a round and cute sow, named Desy. He decided to get her right away, but he did not know that he had to overcome miserably hard way. You will be the one that will help him to get where he dreams.



Hidden Differences Haunted Mansions Games Apps
Hidden Differences: Haunted Mansions – Price: $0.99

Publisher: Beansprites LLC


Hidden Differences: Haunted Mansions is a fun, traditional game of Spot the Difference or Photo Hunting where your object is to find all the differences in the various haunted, creepy, and scary mansions!

Explore various venues from around the world, with creepy houses, haunted stairwells, and mysterious clocktowers!

Play 2 different modes of play, either Free Play, or Timed Mode depending on your skill level!



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