Latest from the App Store: September 04, 2012

Latest from the App Store: September 04, 2012


Are you looking for apps that you could download? We would like to help you in picking up the latest and the most interesting apps every day. Have a look at the ones listed below. We have hand-picked the best free and paid apps in the entertainment and games category today from the app store. Download them now!

Apps listed:

ESPN SportsRadio KUNF, Sandy Springs Music, Amazing Fruit Dash, FOOT LOCKER TAG – Play or be Played, Subway Exits, Bee Leader Free, CASH DOZER JPY, Ice Cream Jump, Slide Check, Bruise Maker, Repel Barbarians, Scorched.SE1, VOYAGER the game, Brilliant Decisions, Where’s the shuttle?


Latest apps store games and entertainment apps sep0412

ESPN SportsRadio KUNF Entertainment Apps
ESPN SportsRadio KUNF – Price : Free

Publisher: Impact Mobile Apps


Sports news, talk and local games. This radio app covers Southern Utah local sports teams. Catch The Devin Dixon show weekdays 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Find your favorite local team and look for the broadcast schedule. Listen live to local games, see the broadcast schedule to find your team.



Sandy Springs Music Entertainment Apps
Sandy Springs Music – Price: Free

Publisher: Internet Marketing Renegades, LLC


One of the top private music schools in Sandy Springs / Atlanta GA. Sandy Springs Music offers

private music lessons for kids to adults. Lessons include piano, guitar, voice, drum, brass and

woodwinds. Our teachers are also industry music professionals. We rent musical instruments and sell music accessories, sheet music and more. It’s never too late to learn music!



Amazing Fruit Dash Games Apps
Amazing Fruit Dash – Price: Free

Publisher: NextGen Entertainment INC


Amazing Fruit Dash

Travel along with the Magic Fruits to Five different Worlds: Fruits, Diamond, Bubble, Gem and Birds, to explore different wonders and secrets of each world. Along the way you can experience one of the most addictive game play ever created. Once you start the journey you can’t stop until you explore all the places in the maps.



FOOT LOCKER TAG – Play or be Played – Price: Free

Publisher: River Cresco AB


How does it work?

Get close to a Foot Locker Store and get ready for the countdown. When the game starts, you go to the five Striper spots within the time limit. Tag by pressing ‘tag’ when you are within range of the virtual Striper. When you have tagged all five, go back to the store and find one of the live Stripers. Enter the two digit Striper code and you are done.



Subway Exits Games Apps
Subway Exits – Price : Free

Publisher: Liquid Effect


The purpose of this game is to solve the puzzle from each level so you can advance to the next.

The first app from the Subway Exits series is Subway Exits – US, divided into five major American cities with 20 subway stops each. In every subway station you have to discover the triggers hidden in plain sight in order to move on to the next subway station. At the end of your journey from one city, you will automatically be transferred to the next city.



Bee Leader Games Apps
Bee Leader Free – Price : Free

Publisher: Flightless


Bee Leader – It’s busy time!

The bees need you! Become a Bee Leader and help the bees fill their hives with honey.

*** Editors’ Choice on New Zealand, Australian & Brazilian App Stores!

*** #1 iPad app & game in NZ & Australia!

*** New & Noteworthy and What’s Hot in the US, NZ, Australia, Germany, China, Brazil and more!



CASH DOZER JPY – Price : Free

Publisher: PointZero Co.


A coin pusher game, which is played with lifelike money.

Themed Japanese money.

Feel the sense of openness by tossing precious money without scruples.

Feel the exhilaration by getting enormous amounts of money.

Enjoy the the super-rich experience too wasteful to do in real life.



Ice Cream Jump Games Apps
Ice Cream Jump – Price : Free

Publisher: Retro Dreamer


Meet a happy Ice Cream Scoop who dreams of soaring through the skies.

Help our friendly dessert reach new heights in this action packed game.

Bounce from platform to platform, dodge the mean flies, and grab everything you can to get the highest score.

Great fun to play with friends, who can go the highest in Ice Cream Jump.



Slide Check Games Apps
Slide Check – Price : Free

Publisher: Chatra


Slide check is a simple and quick game with an easy premise: get the slider as close to the target value as possible. The closer you are, the more points you get!


Good luck!



Bruise Maker Entertainment Apps
Bruise Maker – Price : $0.99

Publisher: Aluxoft Research & Development


Create a bruise effect on your images by overlaping the bruise-brush, you can edit its size and move its shape.

Tip: You can restart the image by double-tapping it!


Visit us at…



Repel Barbarians Games Apps
Repel Barbarians – Price : $3.99

Publisher: Miklos VAZSONYI


Barbarians are coming during the night. They attack your castrum. The number of Barbarians is increasing each day.

Legions can kill Barbarians, they consume food. If you want to use Legions then build farms!

Farms produce food. Wood is needed to build a farm. Farms are easy to destroy, protect them!

Wood walls can be built by wood and they provide protection. Walls can delay Barbarians up to 4 hours before ruined.



Scorched.SE1 Games aPPS
Scorched.SE1 – Price: $0.99

Publisher: StaceWare Productions


Requirements: 512 MB of memory (iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 or later)

Scorched.SE1 is a campaign style space combat game spanning 8 planetary systems and 40 planets. Your goal is to travel from planet to planet and destroy all hostile vessels, dodge asteroids, and rescue as many escape pods as possible. Staying alive is a challenge.



VOYAGER the game Games Apps
VOYAGER the game – Price: $0.99

Publisher: Oh My! Me Studios


VOYAGER is a new game for iPhone and iPad and is 100% hand-crafted using needle-felted wool and stop-motion animated.

You feel as though you are floating through a dream.

Zoom through space! Avoid planes, satellites, asteroids, planets and unexpected creatures lurking in the darkest depths of this galaxy and beyond. Tilt to control. Press and hold the screen to slow down time, and help get yourself through even the trickiest of asteroid belts.



Brilliant Decisions Entertainment Apps
Brilliant Decisions – Price: $0.99

Publisher: Redstone Programming


Brilliant Decisions is a fun and entertaining app that can help you decide what to do. Simply press the question button, ask your question, and release the button to reveal your answer! The answer lights up before your eyes. Why strain your brain when you can let the fates decide.

In addition to the decision making mode, there are both game and custom modes. The game mode is played with a group of people, and it gives you questions that you have to answer.


Wheres the shuttle Entertainment Apps
Where’s the shuttle? – Price : $0.99

Publisher: Alfonso De Alba


Space Shuttle Toruble.


Got a minute to spear? Space Shuttle Trouble is perfect for you!


Bounce around the planets and satellites to avoid getting lost in space!



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