Latest from the App Store: September 05, 2012

Latest from the App Store: September 05, 2012


Are you looking for apps that you could download? We would like to help you in picking up the latest and the most interesting apps every day. Have a look at the ones listed below. We have hand-picked the best free and paid apps in the entertainment and games category today from the app store. Download them now!

Apps listed:

Magic Belles: Magic Music, Amor, a.k.a. – Your Favorite Name Generator, Amplyfy.Me, Anthem USA, Beer Counter, Clara, Ball Fight, BiiBall 3D, BloXoR, Bouncy Babies, A Reflex Game: Xhake Shake, A Reflex Game: Xhake Shake, InstaFrame Pro for Instagram, Facebook,…, Agile Lie Detector

Latest apps store games and entertainment apps sep0512


Magic Belles: Magic Music Entertainment Apps
Magic Belles: Magic Music – Price : $1.99

Publisher: Luma Creative


Magic Belles, the much-loved little stars of books and magazines have now fluttered their way onto iPad!

Welcome to the world of the Magic Belles, six magical, musical fairies who look after life’s special wonders – from colourful rainbows to beautiful flowers. Each Magic Belle has her own unique jingle and, when they come together, they make a magical, musical symphony.



Amor Entertainment Apps
Amor – Price : $0.99

Publisher: Hot Chili Apps


Love is a wondrous thing

– and so it’s high time for the ultimate Love Barometer!

Do we really make a good couple?

Is our relationship sizzling or in slow motion? How strong is our love and what are the prospects for today’s flirt? Just ask your Amor – which has been tested by leading mothers-in-law – and you’ll receive the right answer straight away.



a.k.a Entertainment Apps
a.k.a. – Your Favorite Name Generator – Price : Free

Publisher: Robert de Jong


Bored with your life? Wish you could be someone else? Maybe you yearn for the exciting life of a pirate. Or a Jedi….yeah! Or….an exotic dancer!! Sorry, we can’t help you with that (what would your mom say?!?), but we can at least help you come up with your alter-ego’s name.



Amplyfy.Me Entertainment Apps
Amplyfy.Me – Price: Free

Publisher: Amplyfy Technology Labs Pvt Ltd


With – ‘amplyfy’ your TV viewing experience.

The most engaging secondary screen app

Go social with your TV viewing experience with our service that allows you to connect with friends and family to learn who’s watching what, view channel guides and get recommendations, publish your activity to facebook, comment/checkin to shows.



Anthem USA Entertainment Apps
Anthem USA – Price: Free

Publisher: Cobra Mobile Limited


We all know the words, or do we?

Now you’ll always have the words and music to your National Anthem available at your fingertips.

Anthem USA gives you all the Lyrics to the Star-spangled Banner right on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

You need never be without the words to the National Anthem of the USA.



Beer Counter Entertainment Apps
Beer Counter – Price: Free

Publisher: Timm Knape


With this program you can keep an overview of your consumed beverages.

Please use this application only with your fingers. Don’t use your iPhone or iPod as a beer map! Too much alcohol can be bad for your health!

Have fun!



Clara Entertainment Apps
Clara – Price : Free

Publisher: Memention AB


Clara is a simple kids game. A sound is played and the goal is to tap the right picture.

There is no score kept, just let the kid keep tapping the pictures as long as it’s having fun.

Current version has 16 pictures of a kid, cat, dog, cow, chicken, rooster, frog, horse, truck, pig, duck, helicopter, trumpet, rubber duck, steam train and a lamb.



Ball Fight Games Apps
Ball Fight – Price : $0.99

Publisher: Soneso


Ball Fight is a turn based game where you shoot opponents balls into the goal. It’s the perfect game to kill time. Just kick it!


– one and two players modes

– 3 game themes

– score and training modes

– use of accelerometer in higher levels



BiiBall 3D Games Apps
BiiBall 3D – Price : $0.99

Publisher: Bootant LLC


BiiBall 3D is a very enjoyable game. BiiBall 3D features advanced OpenGL ES engine. The goal of the game is to navigate a rolling ball across landscape and avoid obstacles. You control this ball by tilting your iPhone (or iPad). You can shoot at colored rotating cubes. You shoot by tapping on the touch screen. You can also collect small bonus items.

Enjoy the game!



BloXoR Games Apps
BloXoR – Price : $2.99

Publisher: Terminal Core Games


BloXoR has received a Silver Award from Pocket Gamer!

“Approachable, addictive, cheap and with no small dose of quality, BloXoR is the ideal advert for the kind of instant experiences the iPhone can deliver.” –Keith Andrew,

BloXoR takes the DEXTERITY of the average Tilt game like Labyrinth and adds a PUZZLE SOLVING twist– ALL of the Blox move!



Bouncy Babies Games Apps
Bouncy Babies – Price : $0.99

Publisher: Bento Mobility LLC


Babies are falling from the sky! But you’re in luck – these babies BOUNCE! Think fast, catch them in your baby buggy, and save the day! Grab special items worth big points, but watch out for those bombs!

Bouncy Babies is a fast-paced, retro action game, with 18 levels, a 22-song all original soundtrack, and an adorable cast of characters!



A Reflex Game: Xhake Shake Entertainment Apps
A Reflex Game: Xhake Shake – Price: $2.99

Publisher: Y Lau


Shake it, Flip it, Rub it, Tap it and… Freeze! Xhake Shake challenges the limit of your eye-hand response. If you like Bop It, you shouldn’t miss Xhake Shake!

Show your friends why your iPhone is the best portable game console with this genuine iPhone/iPod touch ONLY game.

It is a iPhone/iPod touch ONLY game from top to bottom because it fully utilizes the iPhone accelerometer and touch screen for action detection during game play – Flip it, Shake it, Rub it, Tab it! What’s more,



Apparition Ghost Camera Entertainment Apps
Apparition Ghost Camera – Price: $0.99

Publisher: Bluewater Publishing


Freak out your friends by turning your images into spooky ghost photos. Includes apparitions of ghosts, devils, skulls, ghouls, spooky eyes and zombies.

* Choose a picture from your photo library or take a new one with the camera

* Pick a spooky ghost filter to add to your image

* Position, scale, and rotate to where you want

* Save and share!



InstaFrame Pro for Instagram Entertainment Apps
InstaFrame Pro for Instagram, Facebook,… – Price: $0.99

Publisher: App Channel


Best Photo Frame app in app store! It has all the features you could imagine.

Only 4 steps to stitch multiple photos into single one:

1. Choose a layout with specific ratio.

2. Place photos into each frame of the layout.

3. Change background, corner, width and effects.

4. Save & Share.



Agile Lie Detector Entertainment Apps
Agile Lie Detector – Price : $7.99

Publisher: Ltd.


Agile Lie Detector is a real-time lie detector for your iPhone.

Agile Lie Detector uses technology called Voice Stress Analysis to detect the level of stress caused by lying in a person’s voice, which is displayed in real time on the display’s graphs and meters.

The technology was originally developed for military and intelligence use, and now you can use the same technology to detect lying and deception.

This software is for entertainment purposes only.



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