Latest from the App Store: September 07, 2012

Latest from the App Store: September 07, 2012


Are you looking for apps that you could download? We would like to help you in picking up the latest and the most interesting apps every day. Have a look at the ones listed below. We have hand-picked the best free and paid apps in the entertainment and games category today from the app store. Download them now!

Apps listed:

SnapQuotes, The World God Only Knows Pro, Ninja Dinosaur Showdown FREE?!, Slash Or Die Free, Cannibal Cookout : Lines, HealthyPet, Aliens Abducted Free, MemoMaze, Bathroom Popper, Duck Shooter!

Latest apps store games and entertainment apps sep0712


SnapQuotes Entertainment Apps
SnapQuotes – Price : Free

Publisher: Blisslogix


SnapQuotes is the fastest, easiest way to edit & share your photos!

Connect with friends and share your best Snaps with the Own or Lovable Quotes!

SnapQuotes is the coolest and easiest way to snap a photo with your camera phone, edit it with built-in or custom effects to make your Snap with colorful Quotes, then share it with your friends. It’s still the easiest and coolest way to snap, style and share your photos!



The World God Only Knows Pro Entertainment Apps
The World God Only Knows Pro – Price : Free

Publisher: q5194


As you know, I am definitely a The World God Only Knows fan! After collected lots of vivid, original comics all these years, I clearly know it will be woeful if I don’t share them with you—The World God Only Knows fans! Therefore, after numerous sleepless days and nights with fast food as my breakfast and lunch, I revise the codes and bugs again and again. Finally, I achieved my goal—the incredible program in the universe—The World God Only Knows Plus Edition!



Ninja Dinosaur Showdown Games Apps
Ninja Dinosaur Showdown FREE?! – Price: Free

Publisher: Binary Rebellion


Lead Her Majesty’s Royal Ninja Expeditionary Forces against the countless Dino horde!

In this RTS/TD, command your ninjas on the battlefield, change their jobs mid-battle, and use awesome ninja powers to devastate your foes. But the ever growing horde will come up with their own abilities to overrun you!

Adventure to new lands, find job-changing items, discover new ninjas, and encounter more devilish dinos!



Slash Or Die Games Apps
Slash Or Die Free – Price: Free

Publisher: PNJ Inc.


In case of iPhone or iPod touch, must be the device that has retina display (iPhone 4G, iPod touch 4 or later device)


In the future, the mankind is faced with every threat they can imagine; Revolt of the Mechanics, Alien invasion, Rampancy of the Ghosts, Reincarnation of the Demons.

Hopelessly outgunned and unable to hold off, the mankind is in need of the ‘Lethal Weapon’; The immortal sword-master, ‘BLADE’!!



Cannibal Cookout Lines Games Apps
Cannibal Cookout : Lines – Price: Free

Publisher: MeYuMe


This is a simple, yet challenging game, where the objective of the game is to earn gold and skulls by linking four or more pieces on a board in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. Once linked, these linked pieces are then removed from the board.

Gold and skulls can be transferred and used in the companion game Cannibal Cookout.



HealthyPet Games Apps
HealthyPet – Price : Free

Publisher: PhoneSoul


New iOS game sale! Only free for a limited time!

The most immersive and impressive turn based RPG game on smartphone is coming.

Train your heroes to challenge all the evil monsters. Challenge bosses for better equips and weapons.


1. Control multiple héroes

2. Upgrade weapons and equips

3. Learn new skills



Aliens Abducted Games Apps
Aliens Abducted Free – Price: Free

Publisher: Bilu Games


”possibly the best 2D animation that I’ve ever seen on a AppStore game. Aliens Abducted…creates a learning experience that is as addicting as it is educational no matter what your age!” 10/10 Amazing!

“The graphics in Bilu Games are simply awesome and stand out as some of the best I have come across in iOS apps. The overall attention to detail and humor in graphics and in design make this game unique and visually desirable — in other words — totally memorable.” 4.5/5



MemoMaze Games Apps
MemoMaze – Price: Free

Publisher: RedOn Srl


Test your memory and find the way out!

Reach the exit of the maze as fast as you can, gain the stars needed to unlock all the available mazes and try to win all the golden stars!

10 different mazes

Incremental difficulty

Local and Online leaderboards

Cartoon graphic

Will you be the fastest in the world to solve all the mazes?



Bathroom Popper Games Apps
Bathroom Popper – Price : $0.99

Publisher: Omenaboksi



Experience the ultimate bubble tapping experience in Bathroom Popper! Endless gameplay in the hunt for the highest score. The game is filled with light-hearted humor and beautiful graphics with intuitive controls made for your iPhone.

This is the ultimate bubble popper for the iPhone!


Tap the bubbles that rise from your bathtub. Don’t miss a bubble, for you will lose the game! In tight spots, shake your iPhone sideways to stop the bubbles for few seconds.



Duck Shooter! Games Apps
Duck Shooter! – Price : $0.99

Publisher: Detention Apps


For all the “Duck Hunt” NES fans and shoot em’ up players in general, you will enjoy this throwback of a tribute, Duck Shooter. Three different modes of play with Duck Shooter and Arcade Shooter. Enjoy fast paced shooting of ducks, bonus crows and target ducks with three different weapons and three retro-inspired scenes.

“Cool game! Reminds me of my childhood. Classic shooter.”

“Wow, graphics are retro looking with a modern twist on ducks. A must buy!”



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