Latest from the App Store: September 24, 2012

Latest from the App Store: September 24, 2012


Are you looking for apps that you could download? We would like to help you in picking up the latest and the most interesting apps every day. Have a look at the ones listed below. We have hand-picked the best free and paid apps in the entertainment and games category today from the app store. Download them now!

Apps listed:

GalaxySnake, Slap Vote – Obama and Romney, Pumpkins in a Pocket Garden, RiotCast, Blackbear the Pirate Augmented Reality Viewer, Word Camel, Living Mandala, My Little Fish, Pimple Popper: Pimplefy My Face, Tap Zombie



GalaxySnake Games Apps
GalaxySnake – Price : Free

Publisher: Ilkka Karjalainen


In Galaxy Snake you control planet size flying snake floating in space. Grow the snake and score points by eating different planets.



Slap Vote Games Apps
Slap Vote – Obama and Romney – Price : $0.99

Publisher: NIftyBytes


Add a little FUN to your election season! How? By slapping politicians on your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. Slap Vote is like that fun carnival classic “Wack-A-Mole”, but with politicians. In this case, Obama & Romney, with assists from W and Clinton. The game is simple – choose who you are voting for. If you are voting for Obama, then game starts and you have to slap Romney as he pops up.



Pumpkins in a Pocket Garden Entertainment Apps
Pumpkins in a Pocket Garden – Price: Free

Publisher: Two Bulls


Roll, flick, and spawn pumpkins in your very own calming, curiosity Pumpkins in a Pocket Garden



RiotCast Entertainment Apps
RiotCast – Price: Free

Publisher: Matt Williams


Take the Riot with you! RiotCast Mobile for iOS brings you all of your favorite RiotCast podcasts and additional content right to your mobile device and so much more. Stream the entire RiotCast podcast archive without any downloading or syncing necessary. You can also watch the entire library of videos and photos, listen to live steams, interact via social networking, browse and order merchandise or tickets and so much more.



Blackbear the Pirate Augmented Reality Viewer Entertainment Apps
Blackbear the Pirate Augmented Reality Viewer – Price : Free

Publisher: Edutainment Systems, LLC


This free augmented reality app is designed to work with the Blackbear the Pirate book. Hold your phone or tablet over the pages in the book to bring them to life in 3D! The characters and places in the book will come to life and tell the story!



Word Camel Entertainment Apps
Word Camel – Price : $0.99

Publisher: Simon Fox


The Word Camel finds all the crazy and cheeky anagrams from your Facebook friends, your contacts, or whatever you want to type in. He is super fast and only goes for the funny ones. Share them on Facebook, your friend’s wall, or text someone.



Living Mandala Entertainment Apps
Living Mandala – Price : $0.99

Publisher: Narrative Machine


Living Mandala is an interactive artwork based on a piece featured at Artprize 2012. The app creates a meditative visual experience through an ever-changing animation. Custom colors can be added to the piece by simply tapping on the screen to pull up a menu.



My Little Fish Games Apps
My Little Fish – Price : Free

Publisher: Justnine Co. Ltd


Now is your chance to feed, breed, play or do whatever with the most adorable fishes right on your phone!



Pimple Popper Games Apps
Pimple Popper: Pimplefy My Face – Price : Free

Publisher: Room Candy Games


From the creators of Pimple Popper, comes an app that allows you to ADD pimples to your pictures! Pop it like it’s hot! Just like the game Pimple Popper, you get four types of pimples to stick on. Send a pimplefied picture of yourself and make someone’s day! 🙂



Tap Zombie Games Apps
Tap Zombie – Price : $2.99

Publisher: Agalag


Tap Zombie Game – Your Rating is Appreciated!

No one knows how it started. But when the dead rose, they quickly became the dominant species. Undead feet, the sound of moaning “They were without the ability to feel pain or fear, robbing us of the advantage. Soon, society itself had fallen, leaving only small pockets of humanity to fight bravely against the growing hordes…



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