Magento: The Complete E-commerce Solution

Magento: The Complete E-commerce Solution


Magento is an Open Source Software which is specially made for E-commerce websites. It is very easy to install and maintain a Magento website as Magento CMS has an effective admin panel at the back-end.

Magento – Overview: Multiple website concept is the soul feature of Magento. Multiple websites can be controlled from one administrative panel using a single database.  It allows store owners to maintain stores on different URLs and display the same products in all the URLs or site specific products.

Magento provides the option to let customers compare products in order to buy the most suitable one. Design can be easily integrated in Magento, which is developed using Zend framework for code effectiveness.

There are many Open Source extensions available for Magento. Each extension needs a key to be installed. We can extend the system by using Magento connect through the admin panel.

How to create multiple websites using Magento

To create multiple websites and stores, we need to create a website, a store and store view for each website using system configuration. Each website should have the unique code and enabled store views will be displayed in websites. We can set the base URL for each store for viewing it in different sub domains.
Magento Features

  • Can control multiple websites/stores from one administrator panel
  • Content Management System provided for static pages such as About Us, FAQ etc
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Multi-lingual Support
  • Newsletter Management
  • Batch Import/Export of product updates
  • SSL security support
  • Customer Support and Order Inventory system
  • SEO Friendly URLs are inbuilt in Magento
  • Web services API with any third party integration
  • In-built iPhone customized theme available
  • Ability to assign the design for Category/Product level

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