Measuring Google Analytics goals with timeline

Measuring Google Analytics goals with timeline


In Google Analytics, we face the problem of tracking leads of each and every landing page. You can find it difficult to find out how many goals are achieved and what time each goal has been attained etc. But this does not mean that we cannot use Analytics to find out these specific data. It is easier to generate all the above data by setting up custom reporting metrics and dimensions for better analysis.

In this blog post, we will see how we can create custom reports to find out the total number of goals for each landing page with dimentions of day and time of the goal.

Step 1: Create Custom Report

Click the ‘Custom Reporting’ tab in the left navigation bar and then click ‘Create New Custom Report’ tab to create report for landing page goal completion.

Step 2: Metrics and Dimentions:

Select the below metrics and dimentions:


  • Total Goal Completion
  • Total Goal Value


  • Landing Page
  • Day
  • Hour of day

Search for Goal in the list view which has been mentioned in the red box in the below image. Then drag and drop the metrics of Total Goal conversion and Total Goal Value in the metric box.


After working with Metrics, place the Dimension as in the below image. Search landing page on the list view and add it in Dimention. In the same way, search day in list view to add Day and Hour of the Day dimensions.


Step 3: Create the Report

Once you finish Metrics and Dimension selection, you can create the report. After creating we will get the below results. You can find which landing page generates high goal conversions. You can also find out goal conversion rate, total value of the goal, cost per goal conversion etc.


Once you click the landing page, you can drill down to the day dimension as shown in the below image.


After the day dimension you can find out the Hour of the day for a particular goal.


Thus you can use the above metrics and dimensions to generate specific data about goals, including the date and time in which a goal has been achieved.

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