Microsoft Announces App Contest for Windows 8

Microsoft Announces App Contest for Windows 8

Microsoft has announced an app contest to lure developers for its Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft is expected to open its Windows Store in late February to coincide with the Windows 8 beta release. To boost the participation of the developers, the tech giant has come up with a contest for them. The winning developers will get a Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC, one year subscription for Windows Azure and a two-year subscription to the Store.

According to Microsoft, this contest will let developers take their “passion to the next level.” The Windows Store subscription would be US $49 for individual developers and US $99 for companies and the paid app would cost at least US $1.49. Microsoft is also going to give 80% of the revenue to the developers whose apps earn more than US $ 25,000.

Microsoft’s First Apps Contest will take submissions through January 8, 2012. Apart from this, it will also be taking free app submissions in late February.

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