Mobile App Security Tips: Every App Developers Need to Know

Mobile App Security Tips: Every App Developers Need to Know


Over the years, mobile apps have increased in both value and usability, making it convenient for customers to quickly connect with your company.

They also add a large amount of value to your company with respect to building a brand. Each year, several companies invest millions of dollars into the development of new or updated apps. However, security is often compromised, which is an area that developers need to be aware of and more sensitive to.


Below are some security tips that app developers can implement to increase the security of their apps.

Five Mobile Security Tips for App Developers

1. Have an understanding of the different electronic devices that your app is being developed for:

App developers should be sensitive to the fact that every electronic device is different and has a different OS, a different interface and different security issues. Therefore, it is important for app developers to be more aware of these differences prior to developing their apps.

2. Be mindful of all data security issues while the app is being developed and is in transit:

It is important to keep the data that is exposed secure while transferring it from your database to the final device. One way to increase its security is by only working with proven algorithms that are also in compliance with the latest standards. Developers should avoid using outdated, old algorithms and protocols when they are developing a new app.

3. Avoid collecting or storing data that is not needed:

If you don’t need data that has proven not to be useful for the app that you are developing, it’s important to avoid using it. You should also only use and collect data that can be justified. This decreases security risks should the data be compromised by hackers.

4. Protect your back end systems by adding additional security measures

When developers release their initial mobile app, their back-end systems become opened up to the Internet. Since the systems were not built with security in mind, most of the time security vulnerabilities were not considered. Therefore, developers should hook back end systems to their mobile apps, they should also spend time creating security measures for those systems as well.

5. Test apps for security measures

Although most app developers spend time testing apps for its functionality, to address any bugs and to ensure that its interface is as intuitive as possible, testing also needs to take place for security issues as well.

One of the ways that developers can do this is to allow white hat hackers to attempt to get into the system to see if its security can be compromised in any way. If after using every effort they still fail to hack the system, then you know that you’ve built a highly secured app that best represents your brand.

Conclusion: Always maintain high sensitivity to app security

To conclude, web developer should always have a heightened level of sensitivity to the security measures that are needed during the development of their app. They should always be mindful that it should be properly integrated into their updated versions or new newly developed applications.

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