Mozilla Launches Firefox with Bing

Mozilla Launches Firefox with Bing

Microsoft has announced that the new edition of Firefox 7.1 will have Bing as the default search engine and home page.

The tech giant had revealed that they had been working hard with Mozilla to add Bing to its browser as the market share of Firefox has been in a rise. This version of Firefox, Firefox with Bing is based on version 7.1 and both companies haven’t yet commented on the financial terms of the deal.

firefox-with-bingTor Steiner of the Bing team told, “You have told us to make it even easier to use Bing in Firefox. Today we’re teaming with Mozilla to release Firefox with Bing, a version of the popular Web browser that includes default search settings for Bing. Now Firefox users who are Bing enthusiasts can use Firefox with Bing to use the Web the way they want without having to take extra steps to navigate or customize their settings to Bing.”

This move of Mozilla is not well-received by users as Microsoft is a company historically antithetical to open source and free software philosophies.

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