NFTs & Marketing Infographic: Recent Market Insights, Facts & Statistics

NFTs & Marketing Infographic: Recent Market Insights, Facts & Statistics


Many NFT critics and doubters continue to assert that NFTs will go belly up soon. To which no less than Forbes made a dedicated article, where they boldly and rather cheekily stated that NFTs are a “fad that’s here to stay”. Moreover, this NFTs & Marketing infographic explains the significance of NFT with proven statistics. 

Indeed, for all their seeming “uselessness”, NFTs only continue to gain traction. And we probably can credit much of its staying power with its innate connection to crypto. NFTs are already being tied to crypto-related activities such as when you need to promote your ICO. An ICO Marketing Agency may suggest you invite a local celebrity to promote and auction off his or her current collection of NFTs, for example. 

That’s just one way that marketing has inevitably made its way into this ever-growing industry, though. Plenty of influencers are also hopping on the bandwagon. Equally numerous promotional methods are popping up.

The top marketplaces are being flooded with NFTs, and the number sold regularly, if not daily, is only gaining more momentum. The average selling price is also continually increasing. The weekly volume traded climbed from $50 million to approximately $200 million between the end of April 2022 and the end of May 2022. It results in a 300% increase. Should you want a more complete overview of the industry’s current state and how NFT marketing is slowly but surely proliferating along with it, look no further than this infographic.

NFTs & Marketing Infographic

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An NFT or non-fungible token is a digital commodity with a distinctive signature that resides on a blockchain and can be anything from music and art to collectables and videos.

Noteworthy NFT Facts

  • Valuable NFT – $91.8 million on average
  • The first NFT was minted in 2014
  • Men collect NFT 3 times more than women
  • More than half of all NFT sales are under $200
  • Over $4 million was paid for the most costly NFT meme ever

Top 5 Countries with the Highest NFT Adoption Rate

  • Philippines (32%)
  • Thailand (26.6%)
  • Malaysia (23.9%)
  • United Arab Emirates (23.4%)
  • Vietnam (17.4%)

NFT Market Size Forecast of Various Industries

    1. Music NFT – $42,380.2 Million
    2. Gaming NFT – $3,618.4 Million
    3. Luxury Goods NFT – $56 Billion

Can NFTs be used for marketing?

The firms are making use of NFTs to advertise their products, solicit donations for good causes, reach a wider audience, encourage pre-orders, and do a lot more.

According to Hubspot Research on content and media planning, 14% of media planners currently leverage non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The Best NFT Promotional Methods at Present

      • Influencers
      • Whitelist Surroundings
      • Discord
      • Twitter Spaces 
      • Clubhouse

Top Marketplaces for NFT Listing

      • OpenSea
      • Rarible
      • Enjin SuperRare

Why NFTs Can Put Any Marketing Campaign in Gear

      • Unique Experience
      • Less Competition
      • High Brand Awareness
      • New Revenue System
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