Opportunities Tab Available in all English-language Google Adwords Account

Opportunities Tab Available in all English-language Google Adwords Account


2009 has been a busy year for Google Adwords. Google Advertising has great resources for new and current advertisers who are advertising with Adwords.

Last week Google expanded the beta version of the ‘Opportunities Tab‘ in the Google AdWords interface. Currently it is fully available in all English language accounts. Before it was available only to US advertisers, UK and Australian advertisers.

Purpose of Opportunities tab:

Do you know the purpose of new feature “Opportunities tab” added in the new interface? This feature is planned to avail advertisers find more traffic in their Adwords accounts in cost effective way and it is pretty effective for keyword expansion. You can even use this tab to get an idea of budget and keyword for your Campaigns. Opportunities tab is a great tool to increase your keyword coverage for a specific product.

Where can you find the Opportunities tab:

To find the opportunities tab in your Adwords account, login your account and now it is placed at the main navigation. The previously located ‘Tools’ section has been replaced by the ‘Opportunities’ section within the interface.


You can find the ‘Tools’ section in the left-hand navigation within the ‘Opportunities Tab’.


The ‘Opportunities Tab’ gives keyword suggestions at the ad group level, including estimated monthly searches and advertiser competition.


You will have an option to export your Keywords in the keyword ideas section. These automated ideas are refreshed in every few weeks. You can check back the keyword ideas regularly and optimize your account according to the suggested keyword ideas. The ultimate goal is to improve your overall ROI by using those keyword ideas.

Google Adwords team is continuously working on improving the ‘Opportunities Tab’ on an ongoing basis.

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