Top 5 PHP Frameworks 2018

Top 5 Must have PHP Frameworks in 2018

With the vast amount of PHP frameworks that are in the marketplace today that have also been widely used throughout the years, you’re probably wondering which of those is the best to use during the year of 2018. The Hypertext [...]


8 Mistakes to Avoid While Developing an Android App

The Android platform is popular for obvious reasons. It’s free, it’s available across a variety of devices, and it’s easy to customize. With all these obvious benefits it would surprise many to know that there are many mistakes that [...]


Webinar on Mobile App Marketing KPIs and Metrics

Do you think the number of installs indicates an app’s success? Well, to some extent, it certainly does. But are you sure just because someone installed your app, they are enjoying it, too? App downloads definitely propel your app to [...]