Pre-launch Mobile App Marketing Pitfalls You must Avoid

Pre-launch Mobile App Marketing Pitfalls You must Avoid


When it comes to launching a new mobile app, just like any new venture, there are some key mobile app marketing strategies that you must implement and some you must avoid -mainly those that are associated with the pre-launch stage of the marketing plan. The information below shows you what to do to increase the app’s chances of success by avoiding some important pre-launch mobile app marketing pitfalls.


Unlike back in 2009 when the Apple Store made the first 500 apps available in the market place, now there are millions of apps available competing against each other. So how do you capture the attention of you target market or your market niche and keep them fully engaged in your new app?

What Not to do to Make Your Pre-Launch Successful

Every savvy marketer knows that the key to a successful new product launch, is to have a successful app pre launch activities before the product ever hits the market. However, many marketers make the wrong marketing moves that sabotage this strategy. The most common appear below.

Inadequate Market Research

Before launching any new product, its critical to perform adequate market research so that you will increase the chances of the app meeting the demands of its users.

In addition to that, you must also perform adequate research on your cometitor’s apps in the following areas:

  • Performnce
  • Functionality
  • Price
  • Speed
  • Compatibility (to other devices)
  • User Friendliness

The more research you perform during the development and the pre-launch stage, the more you’ll learn about what your app needs to succeed.

Waiting too long Before Marketing the App

Marketing the app early during the development process has proven to be much more effective than waiting to market it during the later phases of development. Not only does it create anticipation, but it also allows more time to capture more potential users of the app.

Absence of Beta Testers by Target Market

Many marketers place their new products through a testing period before the product ever hits the market. But where many make their mistake is not having the actual target market participate in the beta testing. So rather than asking everyone you know to test your new app, why not focus on the segment that will actually be using the app. They can provide you with the most valuable feedback. Then reward them with updates and by putting their names to the top of the mailing list – that way, they’ll be the first to hear about the release of the new app.

For iOS based apps, they can be tested using TestFlight prior to being released on the Apple Store. The great thing about it is that you can also invite as many beta testers as you like.

Failing to Implement Typical Pre-Launch Marketing Strategies

During the development stage is the best time to begin typical pre-launch strategies. And with the use of social media, this process should be relatively easy.

Failing Optimize Your App (ASO)

Since most users find and download apps in the app store by performing an app store optimization search, it’s very important to optimize your app to ensure that your app gets found and downloaded. It’s concerning how many app developers and marketers fail a great to implement this step.

These are just a few pre-launch marketing strategies that marketers should avoid to obtain the best response.

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