SEO Trends and Upcoming Changes to Expect in 2018

SEO Trends and Upcoming Changes to Expect in 2018


A Few ‘Hot Button’ SEO Trends to Note in 2018 – Pay Close Attention!

SEO began as a “mere afterthought” in the early 1990’s: No one then envisioned it as the future — no, present — of all global transaction; it was then limited to one or two search engines, and even “basic tech gurus” could manipulate its many interweaving repositories. Back then, one could “cheat the system” through keyword stuffing and infinite click ratio proportionality. SEO later became the base root of all digital marketing services. Now, it’s significantly more: In the next year or two, SEO’s exponentially multiplied mass potential is set to more than ‘astound’ all internet users and non-internet affiliates alike. So the best is yet to come, and it starts this year, but primarily in seven categories:

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  • Voice Search

    • Did you know that at least 1 of every 5 online search queries stem from voice search? If that’s not enough to convince one of the evolving potentials this carries, then perhaps nothing is. Google attests to the fact and only shows increases in it as well.
    • Perhaps more than 1 out of every 5 searches will indeed become fully voice-initiated. This alone should excite any tech guru or even device user alike.
  • The Rise of Visual Search

    • Visual search is one of its kind, a true pillar in the modern world! Visual search simply the best of both worlds: user experience and tech innovation. In turn, it takes both to the next level!
    • The Internet has become more and more visually focused. Isn’t it the visual appeal of any website, ad, or mobile app that attracts prospects, to begin with? Google, Pinterest, and Bing, for one, have already invested and are further exploring this uniquely enticing realm.

visual content

  • Link Building

    • Link building carries mass potential, which only grows exponentially by the hour! For instance, when you seek a thoroughly implemented, devised strategy made to pursue certain links in place of others, link building remains a top choice! In fact, one should seek out quality links and not just employ new links in general, and a proper link building strategy is the first step.
    • Powerful contacts formed through a strong link network should render vast dividends for years to come.
  • User Experience

    • Google has repeatedly stated its purpose and intentions, always bringing them back to the user. And since the user comes first, a smoothly incorporate UX should not be out of the question. In fact, it’s a must for anyone serious about attracting and keeping new visitors and then converting them into repeat, buying users.
    • Simplest put, a strong and positive user experience will not only help to bring in scores of new users to each landing page. But it will also allow such users to promote the site on their own end through word of mouth advertising, thus bringing in new nets.
  • Mobile-First Index

    • Many are watching anxiously as this could be the year Google puts forth mobile-first index solutions. Countless experts already attest that mobile marketing is set to rise in popularity and use, especially in 2018 alone. It’s widely believed that mobile searching, mobile advertising, mobile SEO campaigning, and much more are no longer “second in priority” or afterthoughts.
    • Now, users from all around the world connect to the world through their iPhone or Android phone, and that’s a fact! Isn’t it then, important, to market to them through these channels?

Mobile first Index

  • AI/Machine Learning

    • Artificial Intelligence, far more developed and updated than it was when it was first introduced to the world, is a beauty of its own. And that alone carries infinite possibilities within its wake. For one, search results rank entirely differently through the execution of AI.
    • Machine learning makes contextualized search results far easier for users to find. Plus, this leads back to a greater personal user experience each time around, the basis from which all future business transactions derive.
    • Machine learning can outsource to digital assistants by greater means than ever thought possible. This alone could benefit major companies and network providers. Successful recurring task execution and management will only break further ground for greater SEO implementation. Those with such technology in their grasp will then be proven to save both time and money in their marketing endeavors.
  • Quick Answers, Featured Snippets, More

    • Many companies now compete amongst themselves to reach “spot 0” in terms of SERP. Google and other search engines are well aware of this. Properly placed “featured snippets” are what have made this goal possible for several.
    • Many factors can lead to having your snippet featured in any new search. These factors may involve site content strategy and its user relevance, SEO optimization, length of time since online presence was established and more. Quick Answer content has rapidly grown since it offers users a way to get an instant piece of insight on whatever they’re inquiring about, saving them time from reading or finding something lengthier.
    • It offers a quick piece of content that’s accessible at a moment’s click. In fact, Quick Answers are known to reach the top of the SERP box first. Google’s Answer Box, the perfect example, is appealing in its outlook and approach. Its featured snippets are enhanced and updated to offer answers more directly. Simply type any question or search phrase.

featured snippet

Conclusion – Rapidly Changing SEO As We Know It

The above seven have served as prime examples of the most common forms in which SEO is expected to grow all for the better in 2018. But they’re not the only ones: In fact, we haven’t even looked at factors like increased search engine speed or results in speed, page speed, and others; we haven’t even begun to discuss increased page relevance or the implications and possibilities of “linkless backlinks” either. How about improved video searching? Will the “global knowledge graph” overflood, or will it continue to dominate the Web? Stay tuned. Many great changes are on their way!!!

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