SWFAddress: Deep linking support for Flash / Flex / AJAX content

SWFAddress: Deep linking support for Flash / Flex / AJAX content


Deep linking and browser navigation between pages in Flash websites is a hard nut to crack using ExternalInterface. But this can be easily done by SWFAddress

SWFAddressis a simple utility that lets your browser catch all the page links for a full-fledged flash website, allowing back button support, bookmarking, social sharing for the flash content. SWFAddress is a JavaScript based code that lets users create permanent links for several sections of a flash website. It sets the hash (anchor) link path from your Flash content, offering back button support.


SWFAddress – Features

SWFAddress provides deep linking for flash websites using the ExternalInterface functionality(Supported from Flash Player 8). Some of the prominent features of SWFAddress:

  • Enables Back, Forward, Refresh/Reload buttons for Flash content
  • Creates URLs with page titles which can be sent via email or IM
  • Allows easy bookmarking of flash content
  • Supports major browsers like IE 6, IE 7.0, Mozilla Firefox 1.5, Safari 2.04, Opera 9.02
  • If you’re using SWFObject, it is easy to implement deep links and get back button support through SWFAddress
  • With SWFAddress, Flash is more SEO-friendly for RIA-based websites

We can also do deep linking in AJAX and Flex applications using SWFAddress.


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