The Advantages of WordPress Sites over Static Websites

The Advantages of WordPress Sites over Static Websites


Quite often, you must have heard people talking about the advantages of WordPress sites over traditional static websites. Before you get to know the reasons, you need to know what the two terms exactly mean.

Advantages of WordPress
Static websites

Static websites are traditional websites that contain a limited number of pages. All the information in these pages is presented in HTML. These websites are ideal only for businesses that wish to display a small amount of information to users. There is a separate document for every web page and there is no database or external file that is used as a resource. This means that the content on static web pages can be edited only by making manual changes and by uploading the new version onto the web hosting server.

WordPress websites

WordPress is a free, web-based software program that enables you to build and maintain a website or a blog with ease. Today WordPress is perhaps the most popular content management system (CMS) because of its ability to run full-sized social media-rich business websites. It comes with many tools with which you can easily customize or edit your website and its incredible countless plug-ins can make web management far more easier than it had been in the past.

Advantages of WordPress Websites over Static Websites

Easy to install and maintain

WordPress can be automatically installed on your server without any difficulties. WordPress includes an excellent CMS that allows you to easily upload all your content without having the need to know HTML code. You can easily edit your site with the WordPress online administration panel or by using one of the free utilities.

Easily customizable

WordPress comes with myriad templates with which you can easily change the look of your entire website. You can also customize the templates to suit your needs.

Highly interactive

WordPress by default includes a “comments” feature. This feature allows your visitors to write their comments and give feedback, to which you can later reply. Thus WordPress is highly interactive and helps you in building your online community.


WordPress is more flexible in structure than a static website as it provides a great place to include articles, comments, editorials, reviews, tips, drawings, giveaways, news and so on. You can categorize all your posts and maintain things in a more organized form.

Search-engine friendly

With WordPress, construction of a blog is no more a difficult task. As the activities in your blog increase, more people will visit it on a regular basis. This helps you earn higher rankings in popular search engines.

Enhanced security

WordPress can make your site hacker-proof. This feature is not available in static websites. By “hardening” your WordPress installation you can make your site safe and secure.

These are the most important advantages of WordPress websites over Static websites. If you are thinking of creating a website for your business, WordPress is definitely a good choice.

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