Dedicated Developers – The Foremost Engagement Model for Offshore Projects

Dedicated Developers – The Foremost Engagement Model for Offshore Projects


Many companies have for the last decade or so been outsourcing app development therefore making it a common thing at this time. The rise of its use has been rapid as many companies plan to take advantage of globalization. Dedicated developers are there to solve the problem of the complexity involved in developing apps in-house. It makes work easy for companies who do not want to employ developers or those that do not want to make long term commitments.

Dedicated developers give their clients the benefit of accessing technology, knowledge, experience and the architecture needed to develop any app even those that are very complex. The time taken for development is also very short. A survey conducted by Deloitte revealed that 53% of businesses usually outsource IT functions.

Dedicated Developers - The Foremost Engagement Model for Offshore Projects

Statista says that close to $288 Billion has been spent on IT outsourcing globally. Sources have said that most small businesses invest in IT outsourcing, with an investment of 6.1% of their budget. Midsized ones will invest 4.6% while large-sized end up investing 74% of their budget in IT outsourcing services.

The statistics above shows clearly how outsourcing services are being used largely across the world in either level of businesses. From the very small to the largest. There is always a valid reason to outsource IT services. Generally, outsourcing will help a business reduce its expenses, reduce the time it takes to get an app to the market and at the end of the day improve the business.

Much as outsourcing is used in the world, it is important to know the outsourcing models once you have made up your mind to outsource. The model is basically what defines the engagement between the company (client) and the outsourcing vendor. That is the level of accountability and control. It also takes care of a healthier relationship.

To choose the best model you should know the available ones and then get informed of all the pros and cons of each. From that, you can know which model to choose. It will, however, require a serious analysis as provided below.

These are the models available,

  • Dedicated hiring model
  • Time and material
  • Fixed cost model
  • Milestone based
  • Build Operate Transfer

Dedicate Hiring Model

This model gives the client a close or even full-time control and coordination with the outsourced team. The model is very effective as it has flexible pricing. Dedicated developers are hired by many clients due to its ease of control and smooth running of the product.

When this model is used, the outsourced company will provide the client with skilled employees who are able to deliver the project as required. The model dictates that a complete team is allocated to the project, the project will also be allocated resources according to the wishes of the client.

The model provides a cost-effective solution to customers who require offshore support. Resources are always paid on a retainer basis under the model. The model is actually suitable for long-term projects. This model acts as a branch of your office. It is the best model due to the fact that you can control it and that it offers the required results in the best quality and within the shortest time possible.

Offshore project developers who are passionate about technologies will be aligned with the requirements of the client. Dedicated developers have the best knowledge of the project scope, therefore, delivering an app that has many features designed just for your firm. You will not be given “useless’ features when you use this engagement model for offshore projects.


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Advantages of Using a Dedicated Team Model for Offshore Project Developers

Due to the possibility of handling different sized projects and the flexibility of this model, it has been widely used by many outsourcing companies. Below here I will discuss its advantage for better understanding. This will help you make an informed decision when outsourcing.

1. Ease of Focusing on an Important Business Area

The dedicated team model enables the team to put more focus on that business project. This way they get time to give the best results which are an advantage to the company.

2. Skilled Expertise

The model gives businesses the freedom to choose the team they would like to work on the project. This way they can get quality for their money. The client also enjoys the flexibility of getting to select the right match for a specific project.

3. The Advantage of Time Zone

This happens where your offshore team is based in a country in a different time zone. It enables your business work round the clock. The team will be at work while you are off work and therefore a plus since different projects will be complete at the same number of days.

4. In-house Efficiency Utilization

Outsourcing reduces the work at your company and therefore your overworked staff ends up handling what they can. When workers are working optimally, the and up giving the best results and therefore become more productive in the long run.

5. Reduced Risks

In every venture business is involved in there are risks that come along. What businesses do is to reduce risks so that they do not fail the business. This engagement model for offshore project reduces risks in a significant manner. What enables this is that the teams are specialized to only do that and therefore they analyze apps in the market and come up with the best. An in-house team cannot be effective since they are dealing with other work.

6. Economic Advantage

The team involved in mobile app development process will require hiring, good training and enabling infrastructure for the team. Once hired the business can save itself all these costs, different apps will require different technologies.

7. Reduced Complexity

It offers a better collaboration between the teams in the office and the offshore team.


Offshore project developers are experienced since that is their main work. They are dedicated and have developed a number of apps, they know what businesses want and the kind of challenges faced. Even though this model has a lot of advantages that come with it, the business has to get the best partner for the work. Choosing the beat team can bring the best to your business. The highly qualified teams will work close to you to give the best product.

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