Tips for your phone: Explore the iOS hidden features

Tips for your phone: Explore the iOS hidden features

Are you new to iOS 4? Awestruck with fresh features? Don’t worry. Here is an exciting app that could help you to master your phone. ‘Tips for Your Phone’ is exclusively designed for iPhone from Dot Com Infoway. We DCI made this app to help you gain expertise on the smartest mobile operation system that we have ever seen. Most of us are using the iPhone without exploring the full potential of it. Without pain, users can create folders, turn caps lock on, add accent to letters etc., with the iPhone. Don’t wonder. From ‘Tips for Your Phone’, you can get more important tips like these.

‘Tips for Your Phone’ has 20 essential tips about the new features of iOS 4. These tips are listed with attractive icons and clear bold headings. A small arrow near the heading will lead you to the description. You can navigate to the next tip or previous tip by the arrow buttons at the top or you can press the back button and select from the menu list.

The descriptions are given in black letters with white background which makes it look clear. Care is taken, even about the selection of font. It is attractive and does not distract. The tips are short and clear. To aid beginners it is provided with small and attractive images. These images are mostly screenshots and some of the image have arrows to point the exact place.

These essential tips help you in calling, typing, using the camera, searching in Internet etc., ‘Tip for Your Phone’ is designed in a way that even layman could use it. This is the most attractive feature about this app. So, don’t wait. Get this how-to-use guide from App Store. Install it and open yourself into the hidden features of iOS.

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