Top 10 Tools For HTML5 Designers and Developers

Top 10 Tools For HTML5 Designers and Developers


HTML5 is the latest version of the markup languages and it supports more advanced features than the older versions. It makes websites more dynamic and interactive to the users. Multimedia and graphical content can be handled easily with the help of the features available in HTML5. It is an easy to use application for both designers and developers of websites.

There are many interesting and creative tools available to aid the process of design and development of websites. The top 10 tools which help HTML 5 designers and HTML5 developers are as follows:

top 10 tools for HTML5 developers and designers


Initializr is a template generator that allows you to create professional templates based on HTML5 Boilerplate. You can choose the template’s specifications of your choice and have control over the compatibility and server configurations. Once you finish selecting your options, you can download the zip file that consists of the components corresponding to your template. You can incorporate these components to build your webpages. Initializr is an ideal tool for beginners and for anyone who wants to create webpages using HTML 5 quickly.

HTML5 Visual Cheat Sheet

HTML5 Visual Cheat sheet is a cheat sheet that consists of all the HTML tags and their related attributes supported by HTML4/5, in a simple visual grid form. If you want to quickly find a tag or an attribute, this sheet will definitely help you.

Font Dragr

Font Dragr is a bookmarklet that allows you to test various fonts on your website without using any coding. Load the font dragr in the website you wish to test, as an initial step. Then drag and drop a font from your system. The dropped font will be applied to the entire body. You can also select a portion of text and apply a custom font to the selection. In this way, the suitable font for the website can be chosen easily.

HTML5 Demos

HTML5 Demos tool consists of the complete list of HTML 5 properties and their supporting Web browsers. It allows you to ensure that all the elements developed using HTML 5 are supported by a Web browser. With the help of this tool, you can know about properties that are to be used with a particular browser.


HTML5 and CSS consist of a variety of features. Many features have already been implemented in different browsers. Modernizr is an awesome tool that tells you whether the current browser consists of a particular feature. As a HTML5 developer, you can find out about the features which are missing and take advantage of the new features that support the browser and implement them.

Lime JS

If you are about to develop fast, mind-blowing games for touch screen devices and desktops, then this is the right framework for you. LimeJS is a HTML5 framework that allows you to create advanced games. You can also create HTML5 websites for touch screen devices using this tool.

HTML5 Tracker

HTML5 designers and developers need to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies. HTML5 Tracker allows you to keep track of the latest technologies in HTML5. This will give you a wide scope to design and develop your websites.

Online HTML5 Audio Maker

HTML5 provides designers with an option to include audio files. This is one of the best online tools through which designers can make use of a variety of latest audio features available. It provides audio solutions for different browsers. You can create audio in various formats for different browsers.

Flash to HTML5 Online

Flash to HTML5 Online converts Flash files to HTML5 files. It lets you play Flash animation files in HTML5 supported browsers without having to install Flash player. You can incorporate those files in your HTML5 website.

Lungo JS

Nowadays, mobile application development has become a part of the web development. Lungo JS is a tool that consists of all the features of HTML5, CSS3 and Java Script. You can design and develop applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry and WebOS with the help of this tool.


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