Top 5 Motives Behind The Magnificent Growth Of Mobile Apps

Top 5 Motives Behind The Magnificent Growth Of Mobile Apps


This universe has experienced a tremendous growth in the number of Mobile apps. It’s like nowhere to everywhere now. There are apps that are Smartphone specific, user specific and purpose specific. The world of Smartphones is being crowded by innumerable apps, in which some apps are specially designed for certain precise Smartphones. The Apple’s App store has 500,000+ apps and the other Smartphone providers also have their significant count on their mobile apps. According to a recent research, it is said that in 3 years over, about 300,000 mobile apps have been developed. About 29 billion apps were downloaded in the year 2011 and this massive increase is up from the 9 billion downloads in 2010. This matchless augmentation has no signs of dripping down in the future as the demand for new apps is expanding day by day. What could be the reason behind this terrific progress in the mobile apps sector? The top 5 reasons are listed below:

1.    Makes life better and simpler:

No one can deny the fact that the advent of mobile apps has made our lives better and easier. For an individual or an institution, mobile apps are of great use to face the daily challenges confidently. You don’t need to depend on anyone to maintain your daily transactions, operations of your organization, seeking the way for a new area, searching for the best restaurant in your locality, track your incomes and expenditure, calculate your billing time,  shopping needs, or to settle your bills. All these complex tasks can be performed within a matter of minutes. You can save a lot of time, which can alternatively be used for any other productive purpose.

2.    The enhanced passion and love for apps:

A new dawn sets with the use of a mobile app, says a recent study. It can very well be said that people are almost addicted to the use of mobile apps. This is mainly because of the practical use and the extent of these applications in our everyday living. There is no wonder if it is said that the world cannot function actively without the presence of these mobile apps. This fact makes people love these mobile apps and remain passionate without any second thoughts.

3.    The world moves with Smartphones:

The dynamic populace in today’s digital world strives hard to make money and avail the comforts that make their life uncomplicated and fulfilled. A Smartphone could be the first choice for offering such comforts for content living. It is the natural tendency of a human being to be happy if someone gives them a compliment as “Mr. Smart”. This makes it clearly evident and forces us to throw the question that how a smart guy can go for an ordinary phone? This is the kind of revolution that Smartphones and its significant apps have brought in.

4.    Keeps you connected:

This time reminds me the words of William Henry Davies, which says “What is this life, if full of care, We have no time to stand and stare”. Amazing words that clearly depict the hurry-burry life of today right! In such a mechanized life, the only thing that differentiates men and machines is the ‘Smile’ brought in by our family and friends. Such Smartphones with social networking mobile apps helps you to keep connected with your near ones without a hunt for your PC or a laptop. This builds up an emotional bond with the mobile apps.

5.    Ardent mobile apps development companies:

Avid and potential mobile apps development companies are need of the hour. Such companies make the right use of the growing mobile apps demand and enchant the potential users with their innovative creations. It is a win-win situation where the needs of the target audience are fulfilled and the creative abilities of the mobile apps development companies are established firmly.

These are only the top 5 reasons behind the miraculous growth of mobile apps and there are plenty of other reasons lying beside. Share your thoughts and let us know why these mobile apps are special for you as well.

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