Top 5 Must have PHP Frameworks in 2018

Top 5 Must have PHP Frameworks in 2018


With the vast amount of PHP frameworks that are in the marketplace today that have also been widely used throughout the years, you’re probably wondering which of those is the best to use during the year of 2018.

The Hypertext processor, which is a very well-known programming language, is Godsend for many web developers. When it was first introduced to the marketplace, it was initially known for its ability to develop great personal home pages. It is a scripting language that has been around for very long time.

Among all other programming languages, such as python, JS, C, C++, and other programming languages, it is also referred to as the jumble code. PHP includes a wide variety of unique, yet great features. If your goal as a developer is to embed your webpage with HTML+ and HTML or combine them with web templates, then PHP frameworks offer a great solution for you.

Another great thing about the PHP frameworks is that, as a processor, it provides a wonderful alternative to Microsoft’s active server pages – saving files using suffixes “.phtm” . “.php7 “ or .php”. It is great for both beginners or professional programmers.

Top 5 PHP Frameworks 2018

The ideal PHP framework for 2018 should have the following elements present:

  • Efficiency
  • Server-side scripting codes that can be used on nearly all operating systems
  • Password protection
  • Can be implemented on either CLI or CGI
  • Most preferred by other programmers in previous years
  • Are already currently and widely used
  • Enables a wide range of features
  • Contains easy codes that saves time
  • Is easy to learn

Ever since this coding language has been introduced into the marketplace, there has been many different types of frameworks designed. Many provided efficient access to this particular coding language.

Having stated the above, the 5 top must have PHP frameworks for 2018 include the following provided in the next section below.

1. Laravel PHP Framework

The Laravel framework is highly favored and preferred by nearly 50% of our all combined PHP users. This could be due to the fact that it uses WVC architecture comprised of a large amount of the Laravel package provided with queue management. It consists of many user-friendly videos as well as course content designed to guide beginners through the entire process through completion.

Their applications are both elegant and rapid. They’ve recently added the following:

  • Laravel Horizon: The Laravel Horizon consists of a beautifully designed dashboard along with and code-driven configuration that is suitable for Redis queues.
  • Laravel Dusk: The Laravel Dusk provides developers with an easy-to-use and very expressive browser automation and testing API. It’s a favorite of many developers.
  • Laravel Echo: With the Laravel Echo came the evolution of event broadcasting. With it came the power of the WebSockets for applications without all the fuss or complexity.

This valuable framework adds readability, simplicity, value and elegance designed for both the well-seasoned and new developers. It can also be used for individual developers or for large teams.

2. Phalcon – A Full Stack Framework

The Phalcon is relatively new to the marketplace. It was created in 2013 and was well received should be after its introduction. It is a full Stack PHP framework that is delivered as a C- extension. It offers very high performance with regards to optimization and uses C as well as C++. This is responsible for making it one of the fastest and easiest frameworks in the marketplace. Some of its features consist of security, caching, assets management, and others.

Some of the basic features consist of the following:

  • MVC & HMVC – this area consist of Models, Modules, views, components, and controllers
  • Low overhead – It has both low memory consumption and CPU when comparing it to other traditional frameworks
  • Dependency Injection – it has dependency injection as well as the location of services. Also, it is a container for them itself.
  • Router – Phalcon\Mvc\Router offers highly advanced routing capabilities.
  • Autoloader – It offers the autoloading mechanism of the PHP classes when following the PSR-4.
  • Rest – Micro or full stack application are available to assist you with meeting your goal

3. Symfony Framework For Developer

Symfony has been known to be one of the best PHP that developers use to design large-scale websites. It includes very large libraries that are reusable and are known to allow authentication, configuration, security, creation, and a host of other features.

The Symfony is also known for being very fast as it also has far a less repetition of codes. Some of its other features include the following:

  • It is considered the standard foundation on which some of the best PHP applications are built
  • It includes roughly 30 stand-alone components that are available for developer’s own applications
  • It speeds up both the maintenance as well as the creation of PHP web applications
  • Eliminates repetitive coding tasks

programming languages

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4. CodeIgniter Powerful PHP Framework

The CodeIgniter Powerful PHP Framework has also been on the market for roughly 10 years and is known for being the easiest to use of all other frameworks. It is very powerful and was designed for developers that needed an elegant yet simple toolkit in mind when developing full-featured web applications. With this particular PHP framework, typical version conflicts are avoided. It also handles errors very easily along with various choices in models and views. It also offers security which is a highly valuable feature that is present today and likely will be in the years to come.

A highlight of additional features consist of the following:

  • Includes a small footprint designed for developers in need of simplistic yet elegant toolkit
  • It has a strong security system that includes built-in protection against attacks such as XSS and CSRF
  • It has clear, easy to read documentation, user guides, tutorials and references
  • It has exceptional performance capabilities and regularly outperforms the majority of its competitor

5. CakePHP Framework

The CakePHP Framework has a history of over 10 years in the marketplace. It supports both PHP4 and PHP5 as well. The application such as CURD, does not allow cross-site scripting, includes input validation and has very concise coding, which is why it is considered the go-to language for great PHP framework.

Additional features include the following:

  • Allows the use code generation as well as scaffolding features that allow developers to build prototypes very quickly
  • It does not require configuration or complicated XML or YAML files.
  • It includes everything needed which is built-in; including caching, database access, translations, authentication, validation.
  • Includes a set of conventions designed to guide you while you are developing your application

To conclude, since some of the more complex codes are now a lot easier to use, they are a lot easier to learn as well. This makes it easier for not only the well-seasoned developers to perform these programming languages using PHP framework, but also for beginners too.

Hopefully, this short list of the top five PHP Frameworks for 2018 helps you to narrow down your selection based on those that are most widely used and has the best features available.

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