Top 5 Reasons Why Your SEO Camapign Fails

Top 5 Reasons Why Your SEO Camapign Fails


If there’s one online marketing aspect that you as a business owner should make it a point to prioritize, it’s SEO. Successful SEO, on-page and off-page, pretty much entails that you’ve built your website properly from the outset and are developing it optimally. That being said, a lot of websites still fail when it comes to SEO, making it that seemingly overly complicated puzzle that requires more or less magic to solve.

This shouldn’t at all be your mindset, though, because success in SEO simply requires adhering to and following specific established tips and guidelines. It also needs your utmost dedication and patience. In this post, we will not be giving you the said tips, considering the fact that they are already readily available in multiple platforms online. Instead, we will be expounding on the possible reasons as to why your SEO campaigns are failing. This way, you would be made more aware of the mistakes you may be making.

Your Keyword Strategy is Not Planned or Executed Properly

It is always important to note beforehand that any SEO campaign’s success is determined from the start by the keyword research that you’ve done. Oftentimes, a website’s failure stems from poorly chosen target keywords. Even now, plenty of webmasters still opt to focus on generic search terms, and never take the time to do keyword research properly. Nonetheless, keyword research is just half of the equation, though, for the manner in which you intend to apply your strategy is equally critical.

You Don’t Take Time to Improve Site Architecture and Design

Many successful webmasters can attest to the efficacy of site silos as they really pretty much ensure that Google would easily be able to crawl your content and identify the topics that you write about. There are plenty of tutorials out there that expound on this excellent on-page SEO strategy, so it could really prove to be worth your while to find the time to learn about it

Another factor that you should pay attention to your website’s design, which determines how well your visitors would be engaged. Even if you’re able to rank a generic-looking site for a short time but it suffers from high bounce rates, it might not take long for its position to plummet.

Your Content is Not Good Enough

If you’ve been following every update that Google has made regarding SEO guidelines, then you are probably already aware that majority of them is starting to prioritize the quality of content that webmasters share. There are plenty of factors that determine quality, though, and they range from relevance and richness of information to duplicate content and originality. The more your content stands out from competitors, the more it is likely to rank.

You are Not Earning Enough Backlinks

While white hat backlink building is always encouraged, this doesn’t necessarily entail that you just passively wait for other websites to link to your content. That’s not to say that that notion is impossible, though, but it does require proactive thinking of new ideas and exercising to the fullest your creativity in promoting your content. Don’t hesitate to contact and directly ask other relevant blogs or websites to link back to you, but do so only if you are sure of their authority. It also wouldn’t hurt to practice white hat link building techniques like authoritative guest posting and broken link building.

You are Not Considering the Help of Third-Party SEO Services

While learning how to optimize your site would always be an essential step to take for any online marketer or webmaster, limiting your options could prove to be impede (if not totally stop) your SEO campaign’s progress. If you are already well-aware that your campaign is falling apart but still completely ignore the host of professional SEO companies available to you, then this is nothing short of an exercise in futility.

When a method fails, one way of recovering quickly is being open to alternative solutions. Experienced SEO services are but one of the many excellent tools you can use to save your campaign from becoming a complete fiasco.

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