Top 5 Things to Consider During Mobile App Market Research for Marketing

Top 5 Things to Consider During Mobile App Market Research for Marketing


Nowadays, it’s never enough to just have an excellent app idea. If your main goal is to make sure that your creation will be well-received, it’s wise to first invest in Mobile App Market Research before proceeding with mobile app development, like any well-meaning Mobile App Marketing Agency that is not only after your money will advise you to do. 

Just how important is the need for market research? Let’s just say that it may dictate the success or failure of an app from the get-go. 

mobile app market research

Why Is Market Research Necessary?

App development has evolved to a point that Mobile App Market Research is already almost always required as a preliminary step. At its core is full awareness of your audience, their needs and wants, allowing apps to properly engage them. 

It dives into market demand, the most suitable advertising strategies, and possible competition, to cite a few. 

  • What category will the app be in? As of 2022, games occupy a vast majority of revenue share, with the social networking, entertainment, and photo & video categories trailing far behind according to yearly forecasts
  • What UI/UX should you incorporate? Half of app installers make their purchasing decisions based on their first impressions of an app. 
  • Are you trying to maximize your app revenue? Total app revenues are expected to increase by up to $250 billion in 2022. Advertising revenue is slated to reach $141 billion this year as well. 
  • The average mobile user has 40 apps installed on his or her device but only uses up to 10 of them regularly. Another important stat to note is that close to 50% of apps that fail don’t have a sound business model. 

mobile app market research

Having the right marketing strategy guided by market research is important simply because it allows you to avoid the common pitfalls that app developers encounter, regardless of how excellent their app idea is. 

Aspects of Mobile App Market Research

Overall, Mobile App Market Research can be organized into two forms. The two pretty much go together, though, and should be done consecutively to effectively market your app. 

  • Primary Research

This is concerned with finding out the market need and demand for your app idea. It also helps you to come up with a good business plan and marketing strategy. 

Primary research is usually conducted in a wide-ranging way. You’ll have to look at forums, social media and focus groups, related to your niche and find what people’s issues are and whether your idea can help solve them. 

As for strategies and the business model, you’ll often have to define these yourself with the help of market analysis. That said, you’ll need to learn how to properly conduct market research to decide whether you’ll go for organic or paid marketing and identify and avoid potential pitfalls. 

  • Secondary Research

Secondary research complements its primary counterpart and helps to improve your app for your audience. 

This usually involves doing a SWOT analysis, which is short for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats to your app. This includes planning a social media strategy that anticipates present trends. This should always be guided by thorough social marketing research. 

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Get Ready For The Mobile App Market Research 

We’re one of the top market research firms for mobile apps. Our marketing team can assist you with identifying your core clients, the unique selling point of your mobile app, the best price model, creative revenue sources, demographic targeting, and well-defined business procedures.

The Best, Tried-and-Tested Strategies for App Market Research

1. Know Your Target Audience

This should never be absent from any app market research for a business plan since it gives you direction from the start. It also saves you time and energy because you’ll only be focusing on a specific group of people.

By focus, we really mean getting to know them as intimately as we can. Define their lifestyle, demographics, consumer behavior, and psychographics. Afterwards, you have to develop specific questions that are highly relevant to your focus group. 

mobile app market research

These market research questions should supply you with vital answers such as:

  • Knowing the exact features that you will integrate into the app.
  • Coming up with the right usability aspects.
  • Pinpointing present trends.
  • Knowing your customer’s own goals. 

2. Assess the Market

What have your competitors done and are currently doing? What has held them back and which moves have allowed them to make progress? 

Knowing the answers to these questions will not only give you an idea about what type of competition you’ll have to overcome but impart insights that will allow you to improve your app. 

Perhaps, you can look at their own ideas and come up with your own twists that you can then implement in your own app? This has been the recipe for the success of some apps. However, one thing that sets the successful apart is that they always manage to introduce something original and engaging to their audience. 

3. SWOT Analysis

More or less, what each letter stands for in this type of analysis readily reveals the key steps that you need to do. It’s an integral part of Growth marketing because it’s concerned with continuously improving what your app has to offer and preventing anything that may lead to its failure. 

mobile app market research

  • With strength insights, you’ll be able to validate your app’s advantages, define USP, and your central goal. 
  • With weakness insights, you’ll know which features to let go of, key improvement points, and pinpoint challenges to optimal revenue acquisition. 
  • With opportunity insights, you’ll know what your competitors fall short in, and stay on top of trends as well as your users’ respective behaviors. 
  • With threat insights, you’ll be aware of potential hurdles, which can take various forms. 

4. Press Kits

Having ready-to-use press kits on hand will always be handy once you launch your app. For instance, many businesses make sure to create two press kits, one electronic and one physical to make sure that they’ll get the most media coverage. 

Include only the most pertinent information about your app and be sure to not miss anything vital that your target audience should know.  

5. ASO Research

App store optimization is the bread and butter of every app owner. Much like its counterpart, SEO services, it’s continuously evolving, so you’ll need to be just as active in conducting research about it. 

Similarly, ASO marketing is also intricately tied to keywords. You’ll have to know the exact terms people are searching for, relative to your app. As you conduct ASO research, you’ll often come across many opportunities, which may yet be undiscovered. This only highlights its value further. 

6. Social Media & Influencer Promotions

Influencers not only serve as a way to actively market an app, but they can aid in research as well. One effective way that works is releasing a beta version of your app to be shared by influencers to their dedicated audience. 

mobile app market research

The celebrity endorsement already creates that much-needed hype and interest. At the same time, as you receive feedback, you’ll be able to know what to improve on and figure out whether you’ll stay the course or make a hard turn, which only helps save vital resources. 


Being able to ensure you’re doing correct Mobile App Market Research only ever paves the way to more goals- and results-driven mobile app marketing strategy. Use the guidelines we’ve provided here along with all the app marketing tips and in-app marketing strategies that you’re considering adopting in order to fully optimize your campaign before developing and launching your app.

Now that you know the different, effective ways to conduct market research for your app, the next step is to actually take action. As a well-recognized mobile app market agency, we’re always ready to help you set your campaign up for success and reach your goals. 

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