Top iPhone SEO Apps: A Walkthrough

Top iPhone SEO Apps: A Walkthrough


With recent success in iPhone Application Development to our clients targeting different sectors and promoting the apps through our iPhone Apps Marketing services, we have decided to share with our readers some of the top iPhone SEO apps that we came across recently and have been using in the marketing process.

Domainer: A free app to check your websites Google PageRank. Once you have checked, you can delete and move to the next site.

iSEOiSEO: This contains a set of various useful tools in it. This includes,

  • SERP Analyzer – Self explanatory, insert your domain name and the keyword to find its ranking in
  • Inlinks Analyzer – You can find the link popularity of websites. It uses Yahoo Site Explorer to retrieve the number of inlinks for the websites.
  • Web Directory – An updated list of web directories which can help you submit a link to your website to increase its link popularity.

Rating: 4+, Cost: $4.99

proSEOProSEO: Is a SEO content analyzer app that performs,

  • Source Code Listing
  • Meta Tag Listing
  • Tag Counts – Counts all tags in a document.
  • Display body text with tags removed
  • The anchor tags in document and details if any image links.
  • Alt attribute of the image.

Rating: Not yet rated, Cost: $9.99

SEO ITSEOIT: A comprehensive SEO app to analyze vital SEO elements. Enter your website URL and find the list of information that you can analyze with the tool,

  • HTML Source Elements
  • Title and Meta details
  • Stop words ratio
  • Complete link list
  • Anchor Tags, Text
  • Alt Attributes
  • Backlinks
  • Google Inbound links

Rating: Not yet rated, Cost: $9.99

SEO Submit Pro

SEO Submit Pro: Search Engine Submission tool. Submits to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Jayde, AOL, Exactseek, Meta Crawler, Dogpile etc…
(Think of the effectiveness of search engine submission before you decide to use this app)

Rating: 4+, Cost: $2.99


SEO Check

SEO Check: Helps you to manage list of sites that you want to follow. You can find the keyword rankings in Google and the history of the keywords.

Rating: 4+, Cost: $5.99


PokeSEO: A simple tool to check Google PageRank and website backlinks in Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL. You have an option to instantly email the details.

Rating: 4+, Cost: $0.99

SEO Search Rankings

SEO Search Rankings: Helps you to monitor keyword rankings for unlimited number of keywords. Supports only Google

Rating: 4+, Cost: $1.99

This is the series of post on iPhone Apps Review and the following post would discuss on various other Internet Marketing iPhone Apps.

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