Twitter Advanced Search: How to Use it for Lead Generation

Twitter Advanced Search: How to Use it for Lead Generation

Many business owners use social media platforms as their go-to source for a wide variety of reasons. One in particular includes lead generation. One of the more popular social media platforms for lead generation is Twitter. It has more than 500 tweets on a daily basis from users worldwide. But if Twitter users do not prepare in advance, it can be very overwhelming when trying to sort through all of content and interactions that take place across multiple market sectors. However, using Twitter’s Advanced Search feature can be very helpful. It is a built-in tool designed to streamline the lead generation process and can save you hours of time.

How Twitter Advanced Search Tool can Benefit Your Company

One of the ways that the Twitter Advanced Search can be beneficial to you is by allowing you to narrow your search down to exactly what you’re looking for. You can accomplish this by using what they referred to as their major lead generation sources for businesses.

This is helpful for sales teams as well. It helps them better identify potential customers who are likely to convert to long-term, paying customers.

It also allows business owners and sales team members to use this information during their research so that they can cherry pick those who are more likely to utilize your products or services. The tool allows them to perform a certain level of research to accomplish this.

Here’s How to Use the Twitter Advanced Search feature for Lead Generation

The first thing to keep in mind is that your primary goal is to collect the information you need to determine if you should move forward with the prospect based on whether or not they are they are a good fit.

One of the best ways to do that is through performing the right kind of research that results in the best, most well targeted leads. This process is indicated in more detail below.

1. Researching the Appropriate Keywords and Hashtags

One of the best ways to begin using Twitter’s Advanced search to generate leads is to first become familiar with your industry’s most commonly used keywords as well as their hashtags. In doing so, you can use Twitter’s advanced search tool to identify an entire community along with the hottest, most relevant topics in the field. These topics can include discussions about what consumers are interested in in addition to the things that are being shared and tweeted the most. Since these conversations take place in real time, you’ll have current, relevant, up-to-date information that you can use to target the right audience for your business.

The Twitter Advanced Search tool also allows you to set various parameters to narrow your search. This allows you to hone in on perspective customers that you truly want to target.

Once you have this information, you can use it to sort through those who appear to be most promising to you. They’re usually the ones that are highly active, more engaged and could really benefit from your products or services.

After you’ve identified these key highly targeted prospects, the next thing to do is to join in on the conversation. Simply follow them and become engaged. But it is important not be intrusive or salesy. When implementing this process, it also becomes your chance to shine. If they have questions that you have the answers to, you can provide them with the answers they while proving yourself at the same time. This process allows you to:

  • Prove yourself as an expert
  • Create brand awareness
  • Show you are an active, well-engaged industry participants
  • Become involved with those who could be great customers in the future
  • Show that your knowledge about your product or service is valuable
  • Show yourself as a trustworthy asset

2. Search for Prospects Geographically

If you are a local mom-and-pop shop, or a larger international company, this is a great tool to recognize where your audience is geographically relative to the information they are sharing. Customers could have different needs, issues and concerns based on where they are world. And how you deliver your products and services can have a great impact on identifying them beforehand.

When business owners and marketers reach out to customers where they are, it shows them that they are proactive and concerned about meeting their customer’s specific needs.

Those companies that are finding new ways to market and advertise to potential customers on multiple levels – particularly geographically can establish relationships in new ways. This allows business owners to surpass advertisers who only use and rely on traditional forms of marketing.

You can search geographically by selecting the “Places” heading and selecting the geographical location of your choice to search for tweets from that particular geographical location or other nearby towns.

This tool also allows you to narrow your search down even further by viewing discussions that are taking place geographically as well as on a local level.

3. Search for Prospects Based on Potential Customer’s Sentiment

If you are looking for a very specific, high-quality potential customer, Twitter’s Advanced Search tool also allows you to combine various filters. More specifically filtering by measuring potential client’s sentiments is a great way to hone into various potential clients.

These sentiments can be either positive or negative; and the search tool allows you to filter them accordingly. This allows you to get the scoop on what potential customers are saying about your industry and about your brand or service in particular. This will allow you to target those who are already in favor of your brand and would likely use your products or services.

Other Features and Benefits Of Using The Advanced Search Tool

Some additional features and benefits of using Twitter’s Advanced Search tools include its ability to:

  • See what competitors in your industry are doing, who they’re following, and what they’re responding to
  • Track queries that are specific to your industry and respond accordingly
  • Take on an authoritative role by seeing what questions are being asked in your industry and provide answers accordingly

The use of the Twitter Advanced Search Tool is a great way to generate leads as well as keep abreast of what’s going on in your industry.

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