Twitter Marketing Ideas for the Success of Your Business

Twitter Marketing Ideas for the Success of Your Business


Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms around today can make a great marketing strategy for the overall success of your business. If you are planning to use Twitter to add mileage to your social media marketing plan, below are seven areas that you may find helpful.

twitter marketing ideas

Gain a Competitive Edge

Since your customers are inclined to tweet various posts and follow leaders within the industry, it might as well be you. Staying active on Twitter keeps you in the forefront in the minds of potential customers. When businesses do not have a presence on Twitter, both your customers and potential customers are more likely to follow your competitors who do you have a presence on Twitter.

Establish Relationships and Increase User Engagements

Since there is still a major growth in the number of people who use Twitter, it will be much easier to be found and obtain positive results if you post your brands products or services on the Twitter platform. It will also allow you to come in contact with and interact with a large number of the online population that is already actively using Twitter anyway. Not only will your tweets and posts obtain a tremendous amount of views, but you can also receive comments from those already using Twitter as well. This increases the user engagement and the overall user experience.

Use Twitter to Keep Up with the Latest Marketing Trends

When others see you responding to the latest marketing trends it provides them with a perceived value of your company and your brand. You will be perceived as being in the know and plugged into the latest market trends.

Target Traffic to Your Product or Service

One huge benefit of using Twitter is its ability to drive traffic to your website. Not only will you drive traffic in general, but you will drive targeted traffic from your market niche by using SEO keyword rich tweets (and links).

Being Strategic can Help you Better Reach your Targeted Audience

If you are strategic when using Twitter, you can attempt to be online at the same time that your target audience is online -making sure that you are tweeting the right messages at just the right time. This will increase the chances of customers being exposed to and responding to your post, even more so than placing ads on Twitter according to marketing experts.

The Use of Twitter can Increase Your Sales

According to some recent research, over 500 million tweets are made each day. And in the process, 66% of all Twitter users discover a new small or medium size business as a result of their Twitter use. 69% of total users purchase products and services as a result of something they have seen on Twitter and 94% plan to purchase from a small to medium size business that they already follow.

Monitor your Twitter Results using Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics allows you to track your ROI as well as determine the demographics that are included in your audience.

In closing, one last thing worth pointing out is that taking the time to become familiar with all of Twitter’s benefits and implementing the right strategies will help your business gain the success it needs to succeed.

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