Types of Instagram Ads for App Install Campaigns

Types of Instagram Ads for App Install Campaigns


The power of Instagram, with its user-base now nearing halfway the billion mark, when it comes to advertising could not be questioned. The platform, after all, realizes and capitalizes on the capability of imagery to draw anyone’s attention. It’s for this reason why its audience is also one of the best when it comes to user engagement and conversion. Taking this into mind, any app owner should definitely consider Instagram ads as one of the potent tools they can use to promote their mobile apps and boost their app install campaign.

Types of Instagram Ads

A testament to just how much emphasis the platform places on imagery are the two main ad styles that it makes available for advertisers, namely: Image Ads and Video Ads. Most of the Image Ads seek to deviate from standard banner ads that you see while browsing various websites. Instead, they actually mimic the dimensions and appearance of what you would normally expect an Instagram to look like. It’s for this reason why they have a high appeal and engagement rate as well, as evidenced by their proven great performance in various campaigns.

It’s important to note that Image ads actually have a variation, which is called a Carousel Ad. It is essentially a collection of image ads that users can look through and interact with by swiping from left to right or vice versa. Most advertisers opt to include a call-to-action snippet at the end, which only raises CTR more

Video Ads, on the other hand, are obviously more eye-pleasing and interactive, as besides motion they also come with sound. Take note that the sound is optional, though, and by default it is turned off, which lessens their intrusiveness. In the past, Instagram only allowed 30-second long clips but this limit has since been doubled to 60 seconds.

The Excellence of Instagram Ads Outlined

Just how good are Instagram Ads? If the fact that they are arguably better than Facebook Ads (as evidenced by Instragram Ads’ higher CTR and lower CPC compared to the former) won’t convince you, then perhaps the fact that using Instagram Ads is guaranteed to increase app installs by more than 30% might seal the deal. And, of course, that’s not to mention the higher engagement and interaction rate that it has, which is averaged at around 4.8. Compared to Facebook’s 0.72 and Twitter’s 0.25, it’s safe to say that Instagram is essentially miles ahead of even the top social network giants that came before it when it comes to serving ads.

Other Benefits of Instagram Ads

Works well with Facebook to improve ad targeting — The synergistic way in which you can use the power of Facebook ad targeting with Instagram Ads would certainly aid you in boosting app installs.

Younger user base — It has to be accepted from the outset that majority of app users belong in today’s spectrum of teenagers and young adults.

Native advertising — Instagram, like Facebook, also employs native ads that simply look more natural and fits their platform to a tee. This is one sure way to prevent them from becoming too intrusive to users.


In order to ensure the success of your ad campaign, regardless of what network or platform you choose to partner with, it’s always pivotal for you to pinpoint the right kind of ads that would work well for your specific niche. If you want to be guided accordingly on how you could optimize your ad campaigns using Instagram, then consider availing of professional mobile app marketing services so you would immediately be able to get a concrete plan on where you ought to start and how you can maintain your campaign in the long run.

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