Various App Advertising Models that Developers Need to Know

Various App Advertising Models that Developers Need to Know


It’s safe to say that almost any mobile app developers wishes to get a return of investment (and more) from their creations. After all, with news of apps that have already earned millions, the serious entrepreneur or businessman is quick to recognize just how much of a gold mine the mobile app industry could become. If you’re one of the few who already has an app that is showing plenty of earning potential, you’re probably looking for ways to monetize it to the fullest. Well, one of the powerful methods you can do to achieve this is, of course, the inclusion of advertising. In particular, you will acquire knowledge on app advertising models in this blog.

App Advertising ModelsThe Power of In-App Advertising

Why exactly did mobile apps become the preferred platform when it comes to better advertising? Well, one of the main reasons that compelled most marketers to make the shift is because mobile apps actually makes it easier to target the right audience that would convert well with the said ads. Many mobile ads have even evolved in such a way that they would be easily capture the attention of the user, with the use of alluring, high-quality images.

It also hinges on the fact that mobile app analytics, which goes hand in hand with almost any type of in-app advertising, are very sophisticated as well Whether it’s an in-depth study of user demographics, geo-location, and behavior, these data only makes it possible to easily enhance in-app advertising in such a way that they would be able to seamlessly boost engagement and conversion.

The Most Effective App Advertising Models at Present

There are many mobile app advertisement models that are available at present, but what makes these 5 ad types that we’ve listed below stand out is their proven efficiency when it comes to helping developers get optimal earnings from advertising alone.

  • Banner AdsWithout a doubt, this is the ad type that most users commonly associate mobile apps with In some apps, they appear once a user performs an action, while in others they have a tendency to materialize in regular intervals. Most of them are commonly placed at the top or bottom of the app interface so as to not become too intrusive for users.
  • Rewards Ads — There’s a good reason to love these kinds of ads. After all, they make sure that everyone gets something from clicking an ad. As can be perused from its name, these kinds of ads entices the user to click to earn a reward. This reward could take the form of a gift card or discount coupon. With the click, the owner of the app earns as well
  • Interstitial Ads — These ads are very effective because they really divert the attention of the user to the ad. They are named as such because they appear in various screen transitions within the app. Most of them take the form of video ads.
  • Native Ads — Most apps that are focused on sharing content use this kind of ad. These ads often appear in intervals along the user’s feed. Facebook is one of the major companies that have seen immense success by making the most out of native advertising.
  • Offer Wall — A lot of game apps utilize this and compensate their players with valuable in-game currency. Most of the time, this often involves asking them to sign up and become a client of a specific company or service.

App Advertising Models

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Final Note

The mere fact that there are now plenty of techniques with which ad companies are able to integrate ads into apps goes to show just how true the prediction that the mobile industry is bound to become one of the most lucrative fields in these modern times. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to advertising models, but choosing the right mobile app advertising company to partner with could prove to be a different challenge.

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