W3C Announces Web Platform Documents

W3C Announces Web Platform Documents

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), the international standards organization for the World Wide Web, announced the launch of Web Platform Documents, yesterday.

W3C, has collaborated with Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, Opera, Adobe, Facebook, Google, HP and others, for this alpha release of Web Platform Documents. These organizations are collectively named as Stewards. They will help in supporting it through content, people, funding and other contributions. This new website is community-driven and it aims to become a comprehensive and authoritative source for the documentation of web developers and designers. It has also been announced that anyone can contribute to the content of this website.

Developers usually spend a lot of time with the understanding of technologies like HTML5, CSS and the way they work with various browsers, operating systems and devices. This leads to an increased cost of development. Web Platform Documents will be of great help to Web developers. By referring to this site, developers will be able to understand the various features of the Open Web Platform, their interoperability with other platforms and devices, the standardization status of each technology and the stability and implementation status of these features.

“People in the web community — including browser makers, authoring tool makers, and leading edge developers and designers — have tremendous experience and practical knowledge about the web,” said Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director in their official website. “Web Platform Docs is an ambitious project where all of us who are passionate about the web can share knowledge and help one another,” he added.