Web Design Trends in 2012

Web Design Trends in 2012


As we all know, Web design is a creative process of designing a webpage or website. Designing a website is a step-by-step process. As the initial step, the designer gathers information about the client’s company and the target audience. Planning is the second step where the project is defined and documented. Information design is the third step in which the designer designs the navigation and the interface of the site. Graphical design is the last step where the designer makes the website look pretty by balancing the visual elements and the readable typography.

web design trends 2012

Teamwork plays an important role in Web design. The activities involved in creating a website are coordinated among the integrator, designer, developer and the members of the team. A good quality design can be made with the support and communication of the team members.

Long ago, the website was only a mere static medium. It was then designed to be a dynamic one. As days passed by, major technologies revolutionized the design of a webpage. It was made interactive. Web design has come across so many amazing changes in 2011. Several new trends continue to evolve day-by-day.

Let’s find out what will be the major exciting Web design trends in the year 2012.

Responsive Web Design

Many websites were built to be responsive in the year 2011. This trend is still hot and it will continue to be the top trend in the year 2012 too. Responsive Web design proves to be a way of designing webpages suitable for all screen sizes, be it a PC, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

responsive web design

Website designers and developers use fluid layouts instead of fixed width layouts. Media queries will continue to play an important role in style sheets enabling users to view websites in different screens with different sizes.

Grid Systems

Web designers are quite familiar with Grid systems. A Grid system eases flexibility and the integration of pictures and texts.

grid systems in web design

It encourages interconnection among various elements. Frameworks were popular in 2011 and will also be in 2012. Various higher grid approaches may dominate Web design in the near future.


Typography is an important part of Web design tradition. People focus on the readability of the site. So, designers have started giving priority to the type of fonts used while designing the site.

typography in Web design

In the forthcoming days, designers will avoid using too many cluttered fonts on a single page. More importance will be given to simple fancy fonts. Also the usage of special fonts will be encouraged for the ease of mobile Internet users.


Navigation is a prominent factor to be considered while designing a website. Fixed navigation is an emerging trend in Web design. The idea of fixed navigation is to keep all the main links visible to the user in all the pages.

navigation in web design

Locking the frequently used links at the same place throughout the website enables better performance and an enhanced user experience. Jquery and some fancy CSS code would be useful for this purpose.

Single Page Design

Single page layout will be a noticeable trend in 2012 and major small businesses are expected to opt for it. In this design, all the required information is presented in the homepage in a concise, clear-cut manner.

single page layout in web design

This will save the time of the user and yield better results for the company. This layout offers a lot of convenience to the user. The user can scroll down to view the information as a longer scrolling home page is not a concern.

We hope that many other new technologies evolve in the field of Web design in 2012. It is sure that the emerging Web design trends will revolutionize the Web profoundly.


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