Webinar – Effective Tactics to Grow Loyal Users For Your App (Organic & Paid User Acquisition)

Webinar – Effective Tactics to Grow Loyal Users For Your App (Organic & Paid User Acquisition)


Finding new customers and increasing the user base for apps is essential to the success of any app. However, finding new users and keeping the existing ones engaged is one of the biggest challenges faced by app developers and app owners. Understandable of course, with over 50,000 apps added to the play store on a monthly basis, it is easy for an app to be lost in the crowd unless it is backed by a well thought of strategy helping it to stand out in the milieu.

In order to help app developers and app owners acquire loyal users for their app, and in turn, ensure its success, Dot Com Infoway is organising an in-depth seminar, “Effective Tactics to Grow Loyal Users For Your App (Organic & Paid User Acquisition)” on 21st September 2016 from 10.00 AM to 10.30 AM EST.

With more and more apps vying for users’ attention every single day, a well planned user acquisition strategy is pre-requisite for an app to be successful, as apps need users to generate revenue and market them further. Acquisition refers to the number of users downloading and installing an app, essential to measure an app’s success. Acquisitions can be driven through organic search, referrals, paid campaigns and other such marketing techniques, but choosing the best technique for your app is what is most crucial in designing an effective user acquisition strategy. In this webinar, participants will learn effective strategies to increase user acquisition through organic as well as paid campaigns.

Participants will gain the following takeaways:

  • Improving the visibility of your mobile app through ASO / PR
  • All about performance advertising (Incent & Non Incent) for driving installs
  • Using social media advertising to build a loyal user base
  • Leveraging referral marketing to make your app go viral
  • Driving a quick spike of downloads through search advertising
  • Using traditional channels to advertise outside the web
  • LTV – how to calculate and ensure long-term success of your app
  • Retargeting users without annoying them

The webinar that will educate participants on various aspects of user acquisition strategies will be presented by Raja Manoharan, Head of Mobile Marketing at Dot Com Infoway. Raja has over 9 years of Internet and Mobile marketing experience and along with his highly acclaimed team has successfully promoted hundreds of mobile apps for developers globally. Apart from designing effective marketing strategies, Raja helps his clients understand their target market to develop a holistic marketing plan right from the pre-launch stage to user acquisition and engagement. Participants will gain extensively from Raja’s insightful experience and in-depth knowledge helping them position and market their apps successfully.

No app can hope to make it big without a well thought out user acquisition strategy in place. The webinar will provide participants with effective tactics such as social media advertising, referral marketing, search advertising and calculating and leveraging LTV to expand and strengthen their user base.

Hurry. To register for the Free webinar, visit https://www.dotcominfoway.com/webinars/Effective-Tactics-to-Grow-Loyal-Users-for-your-App-Organic-and-Paid-User-Acquisition and register now.

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